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Are you completely satisfied with your iTouch?

Asked by amoreno06 (363points) June 9th, 2009

i’m thinking of buying one but was wondering if any itouch owners have had any problems with it or if they are completely satisfied?

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I probably wouldn’t buy one right now. I am a previous iPod Touch (first gen) and current iPhone 3G user. The iPhone has just been refreshed, this means that the iPod Touch is more than likely just around the corner. I’d give it a month at least.

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I got my girlfriend one; she seems to enjoy it.

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I like mine. It works as advertised. And it is nice to sit outside and have the Internet in my pocket.

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I call troll, flagged

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@running2 umm…i don’t think so. thanks though.

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I have one. I love it with a burning passion. Or maybe I just really like it. The only thing I’m not 100% thrilled with is the lack of a camera and external speakers (1st gen, I think the new ones have the speakers).

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oh, ok.
now i’m wondering if the 2nd gen has a camera…
i’ll look it up. thanks!

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The 2nd Gen does not have a camera, by the way…

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@dverhey ah yes. i just went through a bunch of sites looking to see if they did. thanks!

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Yeah. No problem. I wish they did too.

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I have a first gen and recently purchased the newest software update. I have only two problems.

1. The inability to dowload web content (mainly flash)

2. The lack of copy, cut, and paste.

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@Blondesjon :: #2 is solved in a few days when software version 3.0 comes out.

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@johnpowell . . .I know!

Fucking yay! :)

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@Blondesjon :: I have been using it for a while. It really seems to get in the way more than it helps. Hopefully they cleaned it up a bit. It just seemed to trigger it to fast. I haven’t used the latest builds so I hope they fixed it.

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@johnpowell . . .where did you find a beta?

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I love love love love love it. Actually, I named it. Sophie. I know I’m weird you don’t need to tell me. So Don’t

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@Sunybunny Ha! I name everything too (not the touch yet though! You’ve inspired me.) No need to feel weird

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@likerader tell me what you name it!

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@Sunybunny I will! I finally just named my new car (Rex) so I have to decide if ipod is a male or female. :)

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I’ve had one for a couple months, I have no complaints.

watch out where you say “iTouch”, some people get mad when you say that

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