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How important to you is the appearance of your feet and that of others?

Asked by Myuzikalsoul (590points) June 9th, 2009
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Moderately. What is strange is that their appearance is both more and less important than it used to be. I never thought about this before!

I hated my feet when I was young. They were wide and none of the cute shoes fit, so I hid them as much as possible… so I cared enough to hate them, but I also didn’t care much because no one ever really saw them.

Now that I accept them and don’t care so much about their natural appearance, I care a lot more about keeping them pretty. I get pedicures and keep the nails polished during the summer and keep them soft during the winter.

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Mine- very

Others- don’t care

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I’m weird about feet. They don’t have to be pretty but they have to be super clean with nails well trimmed & filed. Getting into a bed with dirty feet is a no-no. Extra goodness for soft peds.

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I find it fascinating how strange people can get about feet.

I practice proper hygiene on my feet and call it good.

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Life is too short to be looking down. One should be looking at the stars.

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Is this like that Eddie Murphy movie where his character rated potential girlfriends based on their feet?

Well, anyway, I make sure my own feet are clean, toes dealt with and all moisturized, and now I’m starting to deal with calluses because of the karate and running. I’m nipping this cracked heel business in the bud.

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I used to try to do them up to make them look nice, but since they’re not that attractive anyway, I just make sure they’re buffed, filed, and moisturized.

it’s a small step towards me not being so critical

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As long as they are clean, I don’t care.

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Very low importance. Too much attention to feet and footwear, especially excessive expense and high heels or other impracticalities, I don’t relate to. I want a woman who can and does like to walk and climb around as much as I do. Practical shoes are more of a turn on to me than pretty footwear, which can be nice but falls far short of “important”.

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@dog lurve!

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@Dog How about if you look at the stars while standing in an incredible pair of heels?

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@Zaku @Dog I totally agree. I like to be able to walk around barefoot outdoors without being too sensitive. This creates callouses and some people find that unattractive. I couldn’t care less. Besides, wearing shoes and being on my feet constantly most of my life (for work) has put a big callous on each one of my pinkie toes! Not much I can do about that. lol.

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Meh. I don’t care much either way. I do get the icks when I see a particularly disgusting pair of feet. My feet are never gross, but I am about a week past due for a nail trimmng.

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it’s a great excuse to get regular pedicures!

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I really much don’t care about others. Just ones that my feet will be in contact with.

I just make sure I wash them and clip them as to not cut my girl’s feet whilst cuddling.

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as long as there isn’t anything gushy between my toes, who cares?

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Was I the only one who was reminded of Seymour Glass by this question?

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Feet don’t bother me, so long as they’re not disgustingly dirty. That said, I was at school today and saw feet that, I’m sorry, were really, really gross. One of the office administrators was wearing sandals, because it was hot out. But… She had claws for toenails. They were long, the tips were yellow and the bases were brown. They actually came to points, too. Wow.

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I really dislike feet and always take notice of them. ironicaly the only feet I find normal are my own. I belive it’s because I’ve gotten used to them but others feet always seem strange.

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I hate feet. we don’t need toes, they’re useless. ... we could do with just a pair of solid platforms.

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I am really odd about feet. To me they just look like distorted freaky hands. I prefer to not even look at them. Not my own nor anyone else’s! The only exception would be in bed and even then when their bare feet touch my leg it makes me cringe a little. Do you think this counts as a phobia?

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Very important. I would hate to wake up one day only to find them GONE!

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In my opinion the appearance of your feet would be important if you participate in certain activities that require you to be bare-foot. For example, I am a martial artist and people are kicking at my head with their feet all the time. When I look down and see grungy, fungus toe nails that are yellow and dirty; it makes me want to vomit. The rule is to care for your toe nails, but few seldom do.

I would suggest keeping your feet healthy and clean if you have to be bare-foot. It is just common courtesy.

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@Anatelostaxus unfortunately, you are wrong. Toes are needed for balance. I know a guy missing one big toe, and it affects his gait as well as his balance. Without toes, we would be very unsteady on our feet, and it we had platforms, as you suggest, a lot of what we do would be impossible, including running and dancing. We would be stuck shuffling like zombies. real zombies, not the speedy ones so erroneously portrayed in recent movies.

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Feet tell me plenty. The girth of your ankles tell me if you will be a fat woman later in life. Nothing wrong with that. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Also, it tells me how well you take care of herself, on a cretin level.
I like symmetry of the toes and their placement. Does not take much to have cute/presentable feet.
On the other side some women go overboard to make their tootsies look good. That can give just as bad a message to me as a woman that has funky feet.
One more thing, I find no matter how nice you take care of your feet and present them.
Long toe nails are nasty!

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I think long toe nails are nasty too. I hate it when people get French manicure nails on their toes. Why would somoene want to make their toe nails look longer? Yuck.

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FINALLY, someone that gets it! French nails on the toes?
I hate that! :-) Makes no sense except to accentuate or give the illusion of long toe nails.

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@Judi I’m with you! I don’t get that, either!!

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you really thought I was serious, mate .. ?

I’m podophobic, if that may be tokened as a new term.
But I quite appreciate having a pair of them. they do come in handy every so often. ; )

especially when I have to reach for something I can’t get from a comfortable position when I’m tired.. or for peeling fruit, even.

I’m a runner – martial artist, so I know.

anyhow, I agree with the erroneously portrayed speed-monkey zombies

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@Bocci i think so. welcome to the club.

@DrasticDreamer I know, I’ve seen that sort of evil more than once, especially on poor elderly women and men. It hurts too. poor things.

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everyone, take a look down and be grateful if you don’t see this

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@Anatelostaxus So you’re afflicted with lazy monkey toe syndrome too I see.

Good to see you my friend. :)

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@jonsblond ahhhhahhahhah!
indeed XD ..
and very pleasant to see you around again my friend, how have you been?

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@Anatelostaxus Much better since the last time we spoke. Seriously, good to see you. You are on a roll tonight. :D

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@jonsblond I am… trying to take my time and relax.. since I’ve got no work in the morning… ahh, finally… some time.. even just to do nothing for a while. doesn’t last long though. ( what’s that?... oh, crap… oh well, night’s over! and I’m still awake)! honestly.. glad to read that you’re better..

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