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Why is black a slimming color?

Asked by jlm11f (12353points) June 14th, 2010

What makes a color slimming or fattening? We’ve all heard and noticed that black makes you look thinner while certain colors (green?) make you look fatter. What’s the reason behind this?

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Negative space? Meaning that since light is pulled into black, there’s nothing to emphasize. When light bounces off a differently coloured garment, you can see shadows and wrinkles and all that, which has the potential to be extremely unflattering.

But I’m not a designer or artist, just a woman who needs to wear black more often than she’d like :/

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the lack in changes of hue during the curve of you body. Green and red have large hue changes, but I never thought of them as fattening.


Dark colors are less revealing to the eye than light colors. They hide more of your features because the darkness covers you up better than a glaring bright color such as white or orange. Take a big round orange and cover it tightly with black fabric, then put it side to side with an equally-sized bare orange. The bare orange looks bigger, even though the two oranges are the same size. It’s an illusion. That is not only true of clothes, but of complexions too. Having a darker complexion on the face is more slimming than a light complexion, because there is less to see and spot.

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It’s slimming the populations of organisms in the Gulf of Mexico quite dramatically. ~

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They were already thin. Hence the name “Shrimp”


@Fred931 I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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@MRSHINYSHOES The complexion thing doesn’t seem quite true to me. Then again, it might just be wear I live.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Laugh enough and you’ll start crying.

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Black helps hide bumps and bulges. Part of it is you typically cannot see through it. It also absorbs light so imperfections in your body are less noticeable.

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I have to disagree. A monochromatic outfit of any kind will be more flattering than one containing many colors and cuts. Also, fabric matters. If you have a shiny black top, you will see everything vs. a red cotton tee.

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Shiny does change things. Because then the light is bouncing on the garment. Monochromatic is more slimming then patterns, or breaking up an outfit at the waist because the bottoms are a different color than the top.

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I don’t know but it’s fantastic

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