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At what age is a woman considered a cougar?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) June 9th, 2009

I’m attaching a 2nd question to this:
When a man reaches that age, what is he called?

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I can’t answer the first.

For the second I posit: Eponymous Hipster.

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@Blondesjon it’s one word, dammit. plus, i’m 29.

over 40.

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@eponymoushipster . . .I agree dammit is indeed one word.

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It’s not the age. If the woman has teenage children, she’s a cougar.

For men? I’d call them “Charlie Sheen”.

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I can’t answer the first question but the answer to the second is “dirty old man.”

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I’m 23 and courting a 31 year old….. does that count?

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Some people say women over 30 while others say over 40 or over 50 so I’m curious what Jellies come up with, cool question! As for men, from what I’ve seen, no one bats an eye at a man unless he appears to be over 50 and is with a woman who appears to be under 30.

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@westy81585 Is it a Demi/Ashton situation?

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My GF is 28 I am 45. What does that make me?

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@ChazMaz Lucky.
Kidding. I don’t know what that makes you. So long as you both have a healthy and gratifying relationship, it’s a good thing.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic haha, Was Demi married when they started dating? ..... No it’s an interesting situation to say the least…. really F*cked up stretch in my life going on right now.

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@ChazMaz Stab in the dark… that makes you… rich?

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The generally accepted age to be called Cougar is 35+.
An older man who dates younger girls is called a Player.

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What do you call young guys who go gunning for older women?

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Someday I’m going to use mathematics to absolutely prove Douglas Adams wrong.

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@susanc So, cougars have sex with puppies? Kinky…

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic How much time you got to do that?

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I heard a rule…

Take someone’s age, divide it by two, and add seven. If your age is below that number, you are too young for them by many people’s standards. The opposite can be figured out if you take the age, subtract seven from it, and multiply it by two. There’s the “maximum” age that person can date.

I think this rule is a load of horseshit, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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ive just turn 20 and my bf is turning 18 in 1 and ahalf month what does that make me? he is mature for his age tho

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Whatever age suits the individual person’s purposes. Over 40? Under 60? Slightly above 35? Between 45 and 55?

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I never heard a woman called a cougar, where does that come from???

And Westy – your “rich” answer is priceless! I lurved you for it.

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@rooeytoo The saying has been around awhile, in 2007 a film called Cougar Club was released, and recently a fake reality TV show is featuring the concept of older women dating younger men.

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For cougars it is 45. the man is either a sugar daddy or creepy

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When she growls during sex?

There was TV show on the other day, with a bunch of pregnant teens, and one of said “we will be MILFS” and another said “we are going to be the sexiest cougars ever” when asked about their future.

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@YARNLADY – Thanks, guess I better start watching more movies and TV, I am behind the times!!!

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Over 60, she’d be considered a Greyhound.

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I guess over 35, like others have said. I don’t know what a guy over 35 would be called.

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“Stab in the dark… that makes you… rich?”
I have learned in that relationship. (ended after 2 years) That, in the long run you need to be. What compensates for maturity is money. I needed to get a regular routine going, working, taking car of the house and being there to advance her future and mine. TCOB
She liked to “play house”, travel, and stay insulted BTY, she was a hotted. But when the fun and games ended and it was time to “pull in the belt” things changed.
She was not a gold digger like some are. She was just too immature to understand the benefit of a secure future.
I feel cougars are in the same situation, in that they like the young “hottie” but after a while they are off for fresh young blood. The immaturity gets old. They still like feeling that they can keep up with the youngster or the “youngster” is tired of being with the old chick..
But, in order to keep the momentum going they need a fresh “personality”.

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Ok. So wikipedia has an article on this. Cheers.

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ACK!!! Can we not use this term at all, please?!
A woman should never be referred to as a cougar.

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It is not a reference to women in general. But, a type of woman.
Cougar – A capable stalk-and-ambush predator, the cougar pursues a wide variety of prey. Primary food sources include ungulates such as deer, elk, and bighorn sheep, as well as domestic young Homo sapiens.
Homo sapiens — Latin: “wise man” or “knowing man”. Wise or knowing might not apply.

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I thought 35+ was a cougar and under 35 your a puma. Hehe!

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at no age
it’s a stupid word
and an offensive concept

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir at no age it’s a stupid word and an offensive concept

I agree. I used to date much older women when I was young and I doubt whether they would have appreciated the classification. Blame shows like Sex and the City.

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@DarkScribe don’t you worry, :), I can find plenty of things to blame it on, SATC being the least of it

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Where were all the cougars when I was young?

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@ru2bz46 Where were all the cougars when I was young?

They were there, they have always been there. Didn’t you read a book called “In Praise of Older Women”? I did – it got me pointed in the right direction.

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Damn, I wish I could read…

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@shadling21 I’m glad I didn’t know that when I met Hubby. He was 24 and I 32. We’ve been married 35 years now, and still going strong. He became father to my son from a previous marriage, and our second son.

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@uberbatman Oh THAT’S where it came from!
Much as I love xkcd, I’m going to disagree with their “Standard Creepiness Rule”. Otherwise, people like @YARNLADY wouldn’t have found such wonderful partners!

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Women, I’d say any age where the gap is significant. It’s a feel rather than a number.

As for men, when I dated them, I just called them daddy **spank!**

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Uhhhh 32/2=16+7=23 therefore 24 isnt creepy at all. Look at that, the rule works again….

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I took half his age 12 + 7 = 29. Maybe 24 – 7×2 = 34, OK, that works. How do you know which one to use?

Let me add this, right after we met, we shared an apartment with another 24 year old, and he was a child compared to Hubby. It really varies with different people.

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Always use the older persons age. After all we are talking about the older person being creepy or not for going after the youngins :P

btw 24/2+7 is 19 therefore itd be a bit creepy to see him dating anyone under 19. see how it works :P

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i think this is why you dont like the rule :P

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I would say 30, but there really just needs to be at least a 10 year difference.
Men who do that are called men. Sometimes The Man by other men.

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OH MY GOD I’M ALMOST 30!!!! **cries**

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@ubersiren Meow today; roar tomorrow!

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_At what age is a woman considered a cougar? _

This is still going?

Ok, I’ll tell you. It is quite easy. It is when she growls at everyone, has hair growing everywhere and starts to smell a bit feral.


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@Simone_De_Beauvoir DarkScribe sooo like you?

Exactly – only with boobs.

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Mmm I would say late thirties.. 35 maybe?

I would call him a Stallion ;)

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Ok, so she is a naughty 65 year old sex kitten.

Does that make her a cougar by itself? What is the mandatory age spread?

To activate the cougarosity in her.

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