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In your experience, do zodiac signs really matter?

Asked by Myuzikalsoul (590points) June 9th, 2009

What sign are you? What traits do you believe you take from your sign? Do you believe in compatible and non-compatible signs? Is there a particular sign that you find you get along with more, or less?

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There’s no credence to astrology other than the emotions that people attach to it.
Basically, if people want to believe in it, they’ll invent meaning in random events.

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I am a Pisces governed by the neon sign of Budweiser.

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About as much as reading sheep’s intestines.

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Not at all.

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But they do allow uncreative men to get strange looks at bars.

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I am supposedly a Leo, according to my date of birth. One the Chinese zodiac, I am a rat. Personally, I identify with zebras. So does that make me a carnivorous rodent with stripes? it does if I am the gullible type.

But if you want to test the zodiac, try this. Find a paper with a listing of zodiac signs. Cut them all out, remove the top parts that lists the sign, i.e. Gemini, Taurus, etc, and toss them all in a hat. Pull any one out, read it, and see if it doesn’t fit you.

If you don’t cheat and read them beforehand, you will discover that horoscopes are so general as to be meaningless, and that zodiac signs are superstitious nonsense.

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@AstroChuck I read sheep intestines, but only on live sheep.

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I do, very much so. I mostly never get along with Capricorns. My mom, my ex, and a few other people who I’ve had hard times with.. all capricorns.

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@chelseababyy lol… I’m a Capricorn . And so is my mom. I don’t really get along with myself either. Capricorns are so friggin complicated!!

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Not in the least.

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@Myuzikalsoul Hah! Seriously. I’ve never met a capricorn that I honestly got along with!

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@chelseababyy I’m a Capricorn. :(

Capricorns supposedly play it safe and don’t make a lot of waves.That’s me.

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@Blondesjon —You’re a water sign? Seriously? Then, no, the zodiac does not work.

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@jonsblond Then you’re the first capricorn I’ve ever actually liked.

I’m a leo. Center of attention, all that jazz.
as if you couldn’t notice

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Jan. 4th. Birthday presents in Christmas wrapping paper and all.

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@evelyns_pet_zebraFind a paper with a listing of zodiac signs. Cut them all out, remove the top parts that lists the sign, i.e. Gemini, Taurus, etc, and toss them all in a hat. Pull any one out, read it, and see if it doesn’t fit you.

Nope. There’s a trait or two in each list that fit, but there’s only one list that is ridiculously accurate.

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I don’t really believe in them, but the description of my sign fits me. Screw horoscopes, those are stupid. I’m just talking about the personality traits that describe the signs.

I’m an Aries. Some of the traditional, positive aspects that fit me are: being adventurous and energetic, pioneering and courageous, enthusiastic (along with confidence, but I lack that a lot), dynamic and quick-witted.

Some of the negatives that fit me are: Being quick-tempered (and selfish, but that’s not accurate), impulsive and impatient, foolhardy and a daredevil.

One of the things Aries are apparently prone to are headaches and migraines. Which is kind of odd, because I’ve been getting migraines since I was five-years-old. And to put it lightly, I’m also extremely passionate in every regard.

Edit: I’ve also never paid attention to whether or not I’ve gotten along with certain signs more than others, so I can’t answer that part of the question.

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1) No
2) Taurus
3) None
4) No
5) No

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Oh, totally didn’t actually answer the question, did I…

1. I’m a Taurus
2. I can be strong willed, stubborn, passive-aggressive, I crave closeness, enjoy music, I tend to fall into depression, all descriptors of Taurus.*
3. I don’t believe in compatible and non compatible signs.
4. No.

*But I can also look at @DrasticDreamer‘s Aires list and say I’m quick tempered, enthusiastic, impulsive, and impatient. And I get migraines.

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Yeah, rereading, there’s a lot that doesn’t fit me. Personality types are much more accurate, in my opinion. I’m an INFP, have been consistently throughout the years, and I’ve never come across anything better – even myself – that was able to accurately describe who I am.

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I should probably answer right too. Huh.

I’m a Leo and proud.
I love attention, I’m really loud, and creative.
I do believe in that.
I get along with mostly everything, except Capricorns, and sometimes Leos (we struggle for the spotlight).

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I only believe in what they say about women scorpios because I’ve met a few (including my own mother) and they’re all the same. Other people may have traits, but I think most of it is coincidental. And it could of course all fall into projection theory (people tell you you’re supposed to act in an X way because you belong to zodiac Z, and then you do it).

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I’m an Aquarian (a water bearer) living in Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, my Zodiac sign comes in handy and it does really matter. I’m the giver of the liquid refreshment in the ungodly hot desert land.

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Nope. Myself, my mother and my sister are the same sign. My sister and I share very little similarities. They don’t matter. You will select what you feel applies to you from any horoscope, especially ones that are not your sign. This is how the brain works :)

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No, zodiac signs don’t matter, but a few people make a living from them and a lot of people who otherwise have nothing in common can use them to start a conversation (ironic or not).

What sign are you? Cancer, aka “Moon Child”
What traits do you believe you take from your sign? Not a one.
Do you believe in compatible and non-compatible signs? No, but I believe in compatible and incompatible people.
Is there a particular sign that you find you get along with more, or less? My husband, whatever his sign is.

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I love reading about Astrology, but I don’t view it as scientific.

I’m a Cancer, and yes, I’m emotional, moody, sympathetic.
My husband is a Saggitarius, I’ve been drawn to them all my life without really knowing it. A lot of my friends are Sagg’s. Of course I wouldn’t write someone off because of their astrological sign. It’s all just fun, and probably coincidence.

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Zodiac signs matter as much as any other symbol. No more and no less.

They refer to a sign. A symbol. A meme. They name something. They mean whatever meaning you want to put on them.

Isn’t there some latin way of indicating a person is talking through their hat?

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If it will get you laid! :-)

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@jonsblond: Try Dec. 31 if you really want a non-event birthday. My dad’s was Dec. 27, and since we celebrated eight days of Hannukah and a secular Christmas, everyone was either exhausted or planning a New Year’s Eve binge.

@Daloon; Ad absurdum? Ab absurdo?

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@gailcalled My birthday is Dec. 31st! Christmas and birthday all at the same time.

I’m a Capricorn and I’ve noticed a tendency that I get along well with Libras and Scorpios. I’ve never been a “follower” of astrology, so there’s no way I’m tricking my mind. I seem to be fatally attracted to Aries and Leos. Once even another Capricorn. I think there’s some truth to it… I’m not well-read which is why I’m curious what other’s have experienced.

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Since I was born on the cusp between Leo and Virgo, I’m supposed to possess traits of both. I think I’m more of a Leo, only I’m not a leader type. But I’m pompous and patronizing and a little bossy. I’m creative and enthusiastic and generous and of course faithful and loving. Virgos are supposed to be uptight and conservative. Not me at all. I’m not uptight. The only thing I do possess from Virgo is that I’m practical and analytical: realistic. Otherwise, I definitely think I’m more of a Leo.

Hell, I’m just going to come out and say it: I should be a Leo! I would be if I was born 2 days earlier! (And believe it or not, I think I was born a week early or so, so I would’ve been even more of a Virgo…lol)

My friend Rory is a full-blown Leo, born in mid-August: Generous and warmhearted; Creative and enthusiastic; Broad-minded and expansive; Faithful and loving. That’s him to a T! :) Of course, he’s passive and not bossy or leaderly or pompous in any way. He’s shy and quiet. So they never work out perfectly. :P

So, in other words, I find it fun and interesting. I also find it completely made-up and unimportant.

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