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Will existing iphone 3G users get turn by turn directions/compass features with 3.0 softare, or are those features only for iphone 3g S?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) June 8th, 2009

seems plain enough…just wondering if i have to pay another $500 to get turn by turn and compass. will the software update include capabilities for those two features?

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The old 3G Doesn’t have the magnetometer that the new 3GS does. You definitely won’t get the compass feature, but I’m not sure about the turn-by-turn directions. It seems unlikely to me, since having your exact bearings is pretty vital to knowing which way to turn.

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According to some articles I’ve read today, they are letting developers create turn by turn GPS apps for OS 3.0. TomTom has already created one, which was demonstrated today at the WWDC. No talk of how expensive it will be. I am hoping that AT&T will develop TeleNav for iPhone since it’s already available for many of their other devices. The service is only $10 per month.

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@essieness i hope i dont have to pay a monthly fee…im tired of more and more monthly payments

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Looks like it might just need the 3.0 software. It can tell which way you are going without the compass just by plotting your course on the map. Would be more accurate with the compass of course, but will probably work anyway.

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I knew they would announce a new iPhone as soon as I replaced mine.

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They announce one every summer. Just plan for it.

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