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NAT not working anymore in XP Home Edition?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) June 10th, 2009

Ok so I am running the latest VMWare Fusion with 10.5.7. I was uploading a file to rapidshare and i quit the browser, simply just to stop the upload because i was uploading the wrong thing. Usually, a 200MB file will take about 10 minutes to upload on my mac, and windows side. On Mac I use Safari, on Windows I use FireFox.

When I went to open up FireFox, the internet would not work, my mac side was fine, but windows would just hang and it would eventually say page load error. I have been using NAT since installation and its been working absolutely great. So I decided to just use Bridged, to experiment, and the internet worked fine. On the VMWare forums I read upload speeds with Bridged is better, well, what took 10 minutes with NAT, takes about 50 minutes with Bridged, and NAT will not work no matter what network I’m on. This happened all of a sudden

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My only thought is to clear out & reset your browser & maybe change your mac address. Also, dig into your browsers & programs system files & delete any stored/created information like (on a Mac) they are .plist files. Be careful with what you delete though. I’m thinking a clean slate & maybe reinstalling programs without any previous data being present will help.

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