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From your life, can you provide examples of when are you trying to read someone else's mind?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) June 10th, 2009

It seems like there are so many occasions where we don’t feel like we can say what we mean, or ask for the straight truth. Sometimes it’s antisocial. Sometimes we’re afraid of what we might hear. Sometimes it’s because we don’t believe the words we hear. It is often said that men and women have tremendous difficulty understanding each other, especially when trying to initiate a relationship. There seems to be a constant need to read tea leaves, since nothing the other person says is believed to reflect what they actually mean. You know that old scene from Annie Hall?

So when do you try to read someone else’s mind, and what happened? Did you ever find out if you got it right or wrong?

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I knew you were going to ask that.

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LOL, of course you did, MrKnowItAll…

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I’ve finally come to accept for myself that when I feel I need to read someone’s mind in order to get a feel for where I stand with them then that’s not a friend or a lover healthy for me to invest in. The odds have proven out the best matches haven’t had a place for mind reading and dancing around issues.

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Are you trying to tell me something? Yes, every time someone is trying to tell me “something,” and intentionally, or otherwise, does not tell me. I don’t rely on a questionable ability to read minds so, when in doubt, ask questions (if it’s something I give a damn about). I hate wasting time wondering and perhaps worrying about such things.

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I don’t really try. Sometimes thoughts just come into my head, and it turns out they are identical to what someone else thought.

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I used to read minds all the time. I even had a great deal of success in moving objects around with only my brain. But one day…

…I got pig blood dumped all over me during my Senior Prom.

Let’s just say that by the time I was done there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

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Weird you ask, I was just coming downstairs to ask a similar question. Mine is, why is that when a random thought percolates; it always seems to materialize.
Today, an old friend I thought about while driving to work, who I haven’t seen or talked to in many, many years, left me a message that he’s going to be in town for a wedding-now that was frickin weird. Then, at work, a long lost job from Hell popped up in my head, sure enough it’s hot on the burner. It’s can get that way every day, but I have learned when I get those potentially unpleasant thoughts I don’t want – I immediately switch my mindset to kayaking the Wolf River or skiing Jackson – it seems to work.
As to reading minds, I am still trying to figure my own out

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There have been times where I’ve had an inexplicable falling with a friend (or friend potential). There’s that last run in or phone call etc., where even though nothings said straight out, I know somethings changed and things have gone south.
I can never bring myself to ask what happened straight out, but I’m always left with a burning need to know what went wrong.

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I haven’t really tried to “read minds,” but with my really good friends I always kind of know what they will say, choose, or how they think/feel on a subject. In a way, it is similar to reading minds, but more like I know their minds. :]

If I would try to read a mind, though, it would be this guy that keeps saying he’s interested in me. Then I could know if he was for real or not, instead of waiting months to find out. :)

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