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I am queen of Procrastination. How can i overcome it?

Asked by gymnastchick729 (1182points) June 10th, 2009

Ok, so I have finals all of this week, and I, being the freshman that I am, of course, am PANICKING! I have a serious procrastination problem, and can only work well under pressure. I know this is like really bad, but do you have any suggestions to study? I have 6 tests, over the course of 3 days. And no, I don’t have like ADD or whatever, its just lack of wanting to get things done… Hope you can help! Do you have suggestions on last-minute studying for exams?

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You’re probably screwed. You aren’t going to be able to learn enough to pass six exams if you haven’t been doing any work all along.

Your best bet is probably to spend an hour reviewing for each exam, get a good night’s sleep, and hope.

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Lock yourself in the library and don’t allow yourself to do anything fun until the week is over. You might think its harsh, but its necessary

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1) Make coffee
2) Tun off your computer!!
4) Turn off your phone.
5) Have all the equipment ready, so you don’t have to get it later.
6) make a list, prioritizing what you have to do. Make things due earlier first and if something is harder, put it in the list before other things.
7) If you’re bored of one thing, switch to something else then go back to the original subject. You can also take 5–10 minute breaks only if you promise to go back to work.
8) Work on a big desk or on the floor, and spread out.

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What are you doing reading this? Start studying now!

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You’re describing one of my recurring nightmares.

In your place I think I would pick the 3 or 4 classes I already feel most on top of and focus on those. I might have to cast two or three to the winds after an hour or so of cramming. This approach might not work especially well, but then, I was never quite in your spot. I always kept up with the classes I really loved the most and took seriously, so I wasn’t facing six reminders of my foolishness. Good luck.

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You need more than advice here. Go away. Stop reading this question, make yourself some coffee and do your damn work.

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Fluther is a procrastination tool. Get the heck out of here! We don’t want to see you until you lase exam is completed!!~

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Go to the library. Leave your phone at home.

Think about the job at Taco Bell that is waiting for you if flunk out of school.

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Thanks for all of your advice (leaving now, yes) but im a good student, keep up with all of my work (meaning its turned in on time at least) and get straight A’s or A+‘s, so im not gonna have to go to taco bell. its just tests that get me, i just lose interest in what Im working on, and keep putting it off…

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Say something so embarrassing that you won’t have the nerve to show your face here for a month or two. Then you can get on with the important stuff.

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Do something! Quick!

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Good luck on the tests!
Please let us know how you did.

As for your problem with procastination…...When you have a task that needs to be done, just do it.

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I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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Get off the web and do some work. It’s really that easy. Make a concious effort to unplug your internet right now.

Study things you know well, don’t try to cram in completely new information beyond a skim and memorization of bullet points, it simply won’t stick unless you spend literally all day repeating it however best works for you (with me, it’s writing).

In life you will be met with things you don’t want to do but have to be done. Use school as a way to learn how to deal with those things. That’s one thing I learned in retrospect – half of the education in “higher education” is not the material but simply learning and practicing dealing with other people and things you don’t want to do necessarily.

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“Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow”
(from a Threadless t-shirt)

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I just think that it’s funny that anyone would ask this question of people like us, who sit around all day waiting to see if there is any new ‘activity for you.”

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@Judi – Too true. <sigh>

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@Mtl_zack You’ve got it down pretty good, but you forgot to add #6.5 – Make coffee. I go through all my coffee high by the time I get the prep work out of the way. I always have to dose up again just before starting the real work.

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@Judi Seriously. :D

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just think about the results, and that it will pay off. i hate studying – so maybe i’m not the best person to take advice from – but usually what you do instead of studying is pretty uneventful in itself. so just open the damn book and get it done with – from one procrastinator to another. (:

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