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How can you tell if a honey bee is Africanized?

Asked by JoshLake (73points) June 11th, 2009

A swarm of bees flew in behind my house this morning and have formed a gently humming clump in a tree behind my house. I live in Southern Mexico.

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You can’t, at least not easily. Best to assume they are and stay away.

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possible honey acquisition made me laugh
Like Crisw Said. Unless you somehow catch one and have it tested or send someone who places little value in their own well being to check, you can only stay away.

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Do not bother the bees. Check. Are they going to move on at some point, or is there a likelihood that they are targeting me for some kind of “inspired by a true story” When Animals Attack sort of thing?

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I am happy to see that the bees are making a comeback. Every one was worried that they were dieing off but I have noticed more bees this year than in the last few. There are people who are trained professionals who will come out for free and remove the hive so they can have it. I’m not quite sure what to google though….. What city are you in and I’ll try.

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I am 32K inside a biological reserve on the Yucatan peninsula in Southern Mexico. Google doesn’t usually get me very far down here when I’m looking for goods and services. I see this whole thing ending with a flame thrower and a lot of frenzied running for the beach and the sweet sanctuary of the Caribbean Sea…
Thank you for the link though. When they seek their revenge on me in the US I will be prepared.

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Maybe you need a link to a bee suit!

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I don’t know, Judi. If they are africanized I might go with this.. @

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Sounds like you’re witnessing a swarm moving with its new queen in search of a hive (the clumping behavior indicates this). I was once told by a beekeeper that bees are least likely to sting during these moves (which is why you can do things like this with them). They are in transit though, and probably more docile than usual, even if they are africanized.

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@Harp ; AUGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

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Play some RAP/HipHop music. If he flies away, then no, if he starts to dance, yes.

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Madonna wants to adopt it.

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@oratio ; Now I see the link!

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@Judi Yes :p There seems to be a bug where two @-signs with a link throws an exception. Weird. Had to cut an @ for it to work.

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dear lord, a swarm of bees?! i would move.

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Possibly by their accents.

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