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Why is my computer picking up a full wireless signal, but I don't have internet?

Asked by benchaos (64points) June 11th, 2009

Moved my N-series Cisco router and modem into a different room to get more bars. After hooking it into the working phone jack, I now have all bars on both my laptop and desktop, but no internet… what gives!

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Your computer is connected to your router which is why you have the full wireless signal, however your router is not communicating with the modem properly or modem is not working properly therefore no internet.

The first thing I would do is turn off both the router and the modem. Then I would turn on the modem and wait for it to connect to the internet. Then I would turn on the router and see if everything is working.

The other thing to consider is that when you moved the router, unplugging it may have reset some of the settings so the router and modem aren’t communicating.

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On the contrary, I would argue that you do have internet, as you are networking right now.

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Hardy har har, I am stealing the neighbor’s wi-fi right now to fluther, thanks for the snarky response.

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check all cables, reset the devices, what @Lightlyseared said

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Yes, you may have to reset your devices. I always have to reboot my modem when I switch things around.

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If Vista, open the start menu, type,“cmd” and right-click on the ‘cmd’ found at the top of the menu. Click “Run As Administrator” Continue. In the box, type,“netsh winsock reset” and restart the PC. Oh, BTW, if the neighbor’s wifi works, it’s likely your modem needs a reset.

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