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How can I create internet access (wifi?) for myself at my no connection house? Can I buy something to plug in my computer?

Asked by freckles (363points) February 15th, 2010

I really need to study all night, including internet research, but the place I’m staying has an issue with their conncection. Apparently there is supposed to be wifi but they can’t connect somehow. I am working on trying to find out what’s up with that so I can find a solution, but until then, I am thinking about other ways I can get my own wifi going, because I really need to study. How can I do this?


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fundamentally, internet access requires a hard data line somewhere- either your house has DSL or cable or god-forbid, dialup or something. From there it is a question of connecting that hard line to your computer. WiFi (wireless transmission from your router to your computer) is one solution to that. 80 ft of ethernet cable connecting your computer and router directly is another.

Also, it may be the case that in your area there are people with WiFi routers who have left those signals unprotected. Getting a WiFi repeater might work to boost those signals.

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You can purchase a “My-Fi” which is actually a 3-G device that acts as a hot-spot for a few devices. You ill have to purchase a data plan as well. I believe both Sprint and Verizon have these. Alternatively you can get a 3-G USB device, also with a data plan. AT&T advertises one of these.

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Most of the major wireless carriers can provide you with a data plan and a 3-G USB device.

We have a plan and device from T-Mobile.

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Buy service for an AirCard.

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Many mobile (cell) phone providers offer wireless internet USB devices nowadays. That would mean that you could have internet no matter where you are. Assuming that its supported in your area.

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Hook into your neighbor’s wifi signal or go to local hospital. they always have a good strong signal.

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