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What do you do to relive stress?

Asked by curioscamel (81points) June 11th, 2009

Lately I have had a lot of problems occurring in my life causing a lot of stress. Does anyone have any suggestions that could help me cope through them? My mother suggested to for me to start attending church, does anyone have any similar experiences? Did going to church help?

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If you are a religious person, going to church can be a stress reliever. It works for me; people find church to be very comforting. I also like to listen to new age music, take the occasional nap, and get in the jacuzzi-tub while the bathroom is dimly-lit. :)

@syz reminded me. Exercising. I’m a bike rider and sometimes getting on my bike, not necessarily going anywhere specific, is a great stress reliever.

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Exercise is an effective stress reducer and endorphin releaser.

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I try very very hard not to relive [sic] stress!
not that this will make any sense after the question has been modded

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Exercise and Fluther.

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Be with friends, preferable laughing

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Tantra yoga, and morning glory seeds, then probably auto-erotica except I never get on a step stool.

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Listening to Psalms on my audio Bible.

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My anxiety and stress expresses itself very physically, rather than mentally. So when I’m stressed out I can’s sit still long enough to listen to relaxation tapes, or any of that stuff so most of the time I either try to walk it off or do yard work, something like that.

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I’m not religious, and I’ve found going to temple to be helpful in really stressful times. Even if I don’t buy into what’s being said, it provides a nice opportunity to change your routine, get outside your own head, and gives lots of opportunity for reflection.

But usually I go for a good long jog then come home and drink wine and chain smoke.

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There are several good answers to be found at these stress related questions already asked on Fluther:

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Or you could just check in the “siblings” box to the right of the answer column.

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Im not really religious but I have found the going to church with my closest friends relieves stress and makes me feel better when going through rough times. I am going through a very stressful time in my life as well I hope you find something that truly helps you. and if you do maybe you can give me some pointers as well

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@Bluefreedom duplicate answer : – )

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Get as far away as the thing or person whom is causing you the stress. Unless it’s family and impossible. Also, listening to classical music and drinking tea hot or cold can relieve stress. I also heard eating spicy foods rids stress as well.

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