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At night is there twinkling lights up in the sky or a vast space between other places?

Asked by bubbleblue (52points) June 12th, 2009

Whats beyond our vision? Maybe there’s green aliens living on another planet living like we do on earth, not capable of space travel. They probably talk about who’s the lightest green.

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What are you smoking? My friend says that he wants some.

Will you give a clue as to your regular nick?

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I sense the vast space exists…between your ea…..ahhh…never mind.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous I sense the vast space exists…between your ea…..ahhh…never mind.

For that you get lurve.

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i Have it on great authority they are very annoyed at you for being so racist skin colour shouldn’t be brought into it. And they are more an aqua colour ,

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oo ooo oooo its ” God ” that you see .

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Please tell me you’re kidding. If not, then check out Complete Idiots Guide to Astronomy .
The link shows other useful books. Read one. Any one.
Also poke around the NASA education site . In a dark sky area you can see Andromeda unaided or with binoculars. It’s awesome when you think about it. That light traveled 2.5 million years to reach you.
If this question was weed induced, Nevermind.

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What is beyond our vision is beyond the time in the history of the universe when all was hot plasma. The non-linear nature of time means that we cannot hypothesise about what is ‘current’ elsewhere. It is doubtful that there is extra-terrestrial life, and impossible that we will ever have evidence of such if it does exist.

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It’s the universe! We are exploring it right now, mostly through probes and telescopes. Go to your library and ask for some books about the stars, the universe, astronomy, etc. Or visit NASA’s website and marvel at their gorgeous pictures of the universe.

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I have a hard enough time seeing what is in front of me. Little green men or otherwise.
Beyond my vision? I think this is a philosophical question, not celestial.

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Why is it always little green men? Are green men vertically challenged? :D

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