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Is it just me or are Questions vanashing into thin air today ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4412points) June 12th, 2009

I have seen a few vanish , one was mine and it has not been sent for editing as far as i know . And now they are back could this be my brain or fluther or maybe even my pc at fault ?

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They have been, but if you refresh they come back.

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Every so often when I go to it only shows the questions upto one about the kindle thing. The newer questions still exist but the home page seems to be playing up.

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Even if i refresh they don’t always show the newer questions .

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Ok, yeah, I just experienced it. It almost seems to be loading a cached version of the page, and refreshing it sometimes causes it to load properly. I too saw the Kindle question but it was #2, there was a question above it. On account of multiple people experiencing the same symptoms, it is not a problem with your computer, something’s going on with the site. No surprises there :)

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Someone ticked off @asmonet- Quick- someone sacrifice themselves to her!.

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I have to browse bu going to each individual question or I can’t see any questions that weren’t directed to me.

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ya they are being weird today too. My question didnt show up, then I saw it had like 15 responses. Not sure whats up.

Maybe the Fluther God’s are angry with me….

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When I used Flutherbot to pose a question it did not post and was held for edit. But before I could edit it was posted and got answers. So perhaps there are a few little glitches out there.

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yeah, it was doing this to me yesterday as well. i just kept refreshing. I offered @asmonet the heart of a fluther troll, and thus far, everything’s ship-shape.

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This is a caching bug related to a new feature—we should have it fixed very soon. Sorry about that, everyone.

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