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What advantages of your gender do you wish the other gender could experience?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21477points) June 12th, 2009

Personally, I’ve always thought it very unfair that men aren’t allowed to display their emotions. I am a very emotional person in that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have known a number of men who don’t cry (or claim not to, anyway) and it is expected of men in our society (American society, though I’m sure there are similar ideas in other societies as well). So, if you could gift the other gender with something that is inherent to your gender or thought of as appropriate only for your gender, what would it be?

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peeing while standing up, and getting it in the bowl – well most of the time ; )

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Also getting paid more

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First off, I love the irony between your entry and your icon.

I was going to say peeing standing up, and that is it. I don’t really see any others.

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Girls are perfect the way they are.

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Being able to put on makeup to change your looks (yeah, they can, just like women can pee standing up) and having all the clothing options we girls do. The makeup is a gift and a curse, I guess.

Also, girls sometimes have nice little things done for them just because they posses a vagina. It’s nice. There are downsides to being seen as the weaker sex for sure, but this q is about advantages so I’ll stick with that.

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Men not being allowed to display their emotions is something they bring upon themselves. I display my emotions all I want and I’m a man. I really think that is something that we can change as a society and of course it varies from person to person; I don’t think it’s inherent to the gender.

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I’m female with a history of mostly male friends and I can’t think of any female advantage they miss out other than the huge outpouring of Mother’s Day; Father’s Day still doesn’t rank as high.

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i don’t identify with a gender but since i have female parts, i want those that identify as men to be able to get pregnant and birth a child

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I have to agree. I think men should be able to do that…it’s not fair… :(

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Multiple orgasm. But I kindof see that as nature’s apology for all the other B.S. a woman’s reproductive system goes through.

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@LC_Beta: Men do experience multiple orgasms.

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Being able to say with confidence, ” this is my house dammit…...and as long as,,,,blah,blah,blah…......and so on !

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Dare I say…. I’d love men to be able to experience “The Monthly”.
Now whether that is an advantage or disadvantage to being a woman is entirely subjective ;).

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crying at will. i’ve had women in my life use it against me with devastating effect.

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I wish women had men’s freedom from monthly suffering.

I think I’d also like more of them to have access to confidence about the ability to generate their own physical security, though I think that’s a social thing and I do enjoy that women value that I provide that. It just distresses me how women often don’t feel physically safe in the world by themselves.

The… er… “ability” to ignore body language and emotions in communication, and focus only on giving and hearing the literal meaning of words, when discussing something. ;-)

(Men can be emotional – the women I’ve known have much preferred it to me keeping feelings inside.)

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Continuous horniness.

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If men went through monthly cycles of pain, emotionality, tears, mood-swings, cravings & bloating… we can only imagine what a better place the world might be with…
– free tampons for life as well as pain-killers & tissues?
– compulsory days-off every first day of the cycle?
– free chocolate, crisps & chips on demand from every street corner?
– singing mirrors that tell you how gorgeous you are (despite the rounded tum that you’ve suddenly acquired)!

Wishful thinking…

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RedPowerLady: We do experience THE MONTHLY, its called . ” can’t get none ”.

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ratboy: If your erection lasts more than 4 hours, consult a physician… the instructions, dude.

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@Mr_Callahan That is funny. I wish I had one of my more vulgar friends to comment on that though and explain just how “fun” the Monthly can be. Haha

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RPL: Something like ” I love ketchup on my food ”, ooooooooooh, thats bad!

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What is wrong with not displaying emotions? The people who need to know my emotions, but no one else need know. As a guy, I wish girls weren’t placed under so much pressure to be emotional, and to be ‘damsels in distress’.

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Why hasn’t some lady said, ” I’d like to see men wearing skirts ”, that would be coooooooool?

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I would love for women to experience getting kicked in the balls. Its not a fucking joke, that shit hurts.

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But men do wear skirts. Ever been to Scotland?

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I can open pickle jars…
I can…. well that’s about it.

And women have plenty of advantages @hungryhungryhortence , Go into a bar in a nice outfit and see how many drinks you HAVE to buy for yourself… women get plenty of advantages just for being pretty, I’m not complaining, but saying you guys don’t have advantages in certain degrees is rediculous.

Oh from a mental standpoint, men have tunnel vision, women can focus on more things at once than men for the most part.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 I find that so many often mention the whole ‘go into a bar and see who gets drinks’ spiel as if that’s something positive, as if the whole ‘let’s get ‘em drunk so they’re more likely to sleep with me’ isn’t a widespread idea, as if the whole ‘surely, if we get enough vaginas around here, we’ll have great business from losers’ isn’t a widespread idea, as if all women want to drink even, which I know, for a fact, not all do and many many find the ‘bar scene’ way below their intelligence

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I’m not saying everyone everywhere, and I’m not even talking about sex, stop head hunting. If you WANT a drink, it’s not hard to find someone to buy one for you, it’s not philosophy for christ’s sake relax.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 didn’t know I wasn’t relaxed, because I certainly am and I wasn’t head-hunting, why should I be?

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Men actually do experience a version of the female’s PMS. Ours is called SRH – Sperm Retention Headaches.

As far as the belief that men shouldn’t outwardly express emotions and the absurd notion that men shouldn’t cry or it’s not okay for men to cry – that is complete and unadulterated bullshit, in my opinion.

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@Bluefreedom I agree that there should be no convention saying that men “shouldn’t” express emotion or cry, but I personally see no reason to open yourself up to anyone but a select few who are closest to you. No one else has a reason to have knowledge of my emotions.

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If a man cries , he is thought of as weak and a weak man gets no respect, thats society and the way it is, deal with it.

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@Mr_Callahan society isn’t static or at least it shouldn’t be
and things do and should change

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Things will and do change, but in their own evolutionary cycle, not when we would like for them to.

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how do you think things change? out of nowhere?
issues need exposure, at first they’re all seen as radical
there are people, advocates, activists that make things eventually be ‘normal’ and accepted
nothing happens organically

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Random events such as 9–11 bring more change than all the ” marches ” you can imagine.

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@Mr_Callahan—there’s no need to imply that these marches are insignificant by putting them into quotes. I don’t believe that in any of my above responses I attempted to equate 9–11 with, say, a rally, but 9–11, of all things, did not occur out of nowhere (I mean it felt that way), the conditions, the social environment that led to that have been brewing for a while

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Men are not criers by the very nature of our genetics, I don’t think all of the ‘awareness’ that its okay will make a difference.

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@Mr_Callahan—I know quite a lot about genetics and I would say it is quite a stretch to say that men, as a gender, are not ‘criers’ because of genetics – I know plenty and I mean plenty of men who can and do cry and there’s nothing wrong with them or their genetics. I am raising two sons and am encouraging them to express their pain, anger, frustration and be able to cry if necessary and I would do that for all my children, regardless of gender

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