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Can I be evicted from my appartment because I have a mental Disorder?

Asked by tyrantxseries (4722points) June 12th, 2009

I just found out that 9 or 10 (out of 30plus) tenants went to the landlord and want me to be evicted because they (somehow) just found out (I’ve lived here for 3 and a half years) I have schizophrenia?!?!? (and they don’t even live on my floor!!!)
(I have never had any complaints against me, I’ve never had a late payment on my rent, I’ve never had any really bad breakdowns (a couple of small ones in my apartment), I always take my meds) and the kicker is that I’ve lived here longer then most of them.
The landlord said she needs to talk with the owner about this and will get back to me.(I told them about my condition when I moved in)
There is no way that they can evict me just because of a Mental Illness is there?

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I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. I’d contact Social Services and start asking questions. You may need the info backup. Sorry this is happening. That really sucks. Good luck!

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If there are no complaints against you and no problems with your tenancy, I don’t see how this could possibly be legal. There is also probably some kind of law that says you can’t be ejected without a court order as long as you are occupying the premises (meaning your belongings are there). I’m not qualified to give legal advice; this is hearsay. But it sounds to me like you have the law on your side.

This may be an attempt to scare you into moving without actually issuing a notice of eviction. I would say don’t do anything until you receive some sort of actual written notice. If it’s not legal, the landlord may know better than to go through with it. But if you do receive a notice, be ready to consult a qualified advisor on the pertinent law.

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the short answer is no. the longer answer depends on what extenuating circumstances your landlord may claim. for example, a partier can’t get evicted for partying in their apartment, but they can get evicted for loud music and party guests disturbing the community.

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I’m not only a landlady, I also have a brother with schizophrenia. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I say there is no way you could be evicted for that. However, that said, what they can do is make your life miserable by harrassment, to the point where you would want to move.

Look up “tenants rights” for your state and city to find the legal avenues available to you. My advice is to look for another place to live, so you can get a fresh start.

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If you are in the United States, no, you cannot be evicted; you’re protected under the Fair Housing Act.

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Thanks for all the info, from what I can find out I don’t think it will happen (hope not)
If it doesn’t happen I’m not moving, I’m going to have a little chat with the landlord about discrimination Landlords are legally responsible to address discriminatory comments and conduct by others, including other tenants
thanks again

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That’s totally unfair, and most likely illegal. I’d tell them to come back with a lawyer. And they won’t win anyway. 

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In a fair and just world, the answer would be no. However, just in case these same tenants try to make your life miserable or to pressure the landlord, I suggest you find the nearest tenants’ rights organization and give them a heads-up.

Unfortunately, many people hear the word schizophrenia and can only think of someone like this guy instead of this guy .

If you do end up moving, it might be a good idea to have the landlord (and/or the tenants directly or indirectly) pay for your move.

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Maybe look into the American’s with Disabilities Act, it has to outlaw housing discrimination. That is wrong.

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This is definitely illegal. I’m so sorry to hear this is happening to you. You’re obviously a good tenant, taking your meds, and basically just being fine. It’s stupid that people conjure up violent/scary images everytime they hear someone has schizophrenia.

I would definitely get a lawyer involved and learn your rights and be prepared.

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People generally fear the unknown. Do you know any of your neighbors? Perhaps being upfront about it with the ones that you do know; reiterating that you always take your medication, and have lived there for three years without any incident.

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Call the owner yourself, and complain about being harrsssed, by your nieghbors,
And what a stupid employee he has!

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You can not get evicted for having a particular disease, but you CAN get evicted for exhibiting certain behaviors. Anyone can. Ask yourself if you’ve done anything that the neighbors are not happy about. Remember, all you need is one event.

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So long as you haven’t done anything wrong then they are just being prejudiced and ignorant. Where do they expect you to live? I think they are being unfair, if you have anyone on a mental health team or whatever then get them involved otherwise go to social services. Also talk to the people on your floor, try and gather their opinion.
I’m sure those people have exhibited bad behaviours in their lifetime, without any illness. They would be outraged if someone claimed that they may do something bad or cause a disturbance based on bad behaviour or whatever in the past. Idiots.

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This is one of the reasons why many people with mental illness are reluctant to let it become generally known.

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YAY, I’m not getting evicted.
I spoke with the owner today, he says I’m one of the best tenants he has (lol)
I showed him the support I am getting from the other tenants(17 units).
He is going to talk with the fucking idiots ahm I mean “the tenants that have a problem with me” and if any of them harass or fuck with me in any way then they get evicted HA HA HA (and I have this in wrighting from the owner)

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Oh good! I love happy endings!!!

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me too especially when I’m in them

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Very nice result. Glad to hear it.

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I’m glad for this happy outcome and hope those folks will leave you alone now.

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That is great news! I am really happy for you!

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