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How do i get skinnier in 2 weeks or less?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) June 12th, 2009

Im going to florida in exactly 2 weeks 1/2. Im dying to lose weight! Im not overweight im average for my age. I weigh 109 and my height is 5.0! I look good in a bikini but I’d look better if i’d got a bit skinnier. But how do i lose it? What excercises?
I mostly wanna lose some stomach. lol.

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Don’t eat much.

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Consume fewer calories and work out everyday.
You’ll def lose some water weight in 2 weeks.

I also suggest doing free weights at the gym, not just going to the treadmill. I lift weights 3x a week and it really does make your arms, legs, and tummy look more toned up and leaner, thus making you look fit and skinny.

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I completely agree with @seekingwolf and want to add that any extreme dieting right now could actually backfire.

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My mother used to tell me… “Want to lose 10 pounds of ugly fat? Cut off your head.” Funny lady, my mom. :)

Exercise, and eat a very healthy, low cal, low carb diet. Dink lots and lots of water. You can feasibly lose 4–6 pounds that way. Do NOT starve your self or fall for stupid pills and shakes and fad diets. Eat healthy. (says the girl who just binged on hibachi 10 days before her vacation) There’s no other way to do it without sending your body into starvation mode. And that’s what you don’t want.

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Hit the gym. Eat better. Don’t drink any alcohol.

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Everything they said and really watch the foods with the sodium…and drinks with sodium! Fast food is a huge thing to avoid.

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Drink more water, less caffeine, and less alcohol.

Get plenty of sleep.

Make it a habit to hold your abs in all the time… sucking your bellybutton back as if it could touch your spine.

As you say, you are not fat. Doing abs work will help strengthen and tone the abs, which will help you look better by helping your posture, since slouching always makes people look frumpier, regardless of how skinny they may be.

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Eat three small meals a day, with 2 small snacks. Depending how much you want to loose, I’d look into a 1200 cal a day diet. There’s tons of great ones on the internet, free, with recipes and meal plans. Just like this one. —Also you should give yourself a day off from your diet, every week, or every two weeks.
Also make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, that is very crucial.
Make sure you’re on a normal sleeping schedule.

Make sure to have a good exercise plan as well. Like…
Mon – Run in the a.m. + an hour of cardio
Tues – Weight training/Core workouts (like crunches, etc.)
Wed – Run in the a.m. + an hour of cardio
Thurs – Weight training/Core workouts (like crunches, etc.)
Fri – Run in the a.m. + an hour of cardio
Sat – Do something outdoors, like bike, play a sport, or go for a walk.
Sun – Day off!

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I don’t know any short term miracles, but for the long term, sit-ups will work your abs nicely and they do not require a gym or special equipment.

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Excercise in the AM-important as difficult as it may be; the body will stay at a higher metabolism rate for the rest of the day.
Lots of water 8x, limit carbs, eat as many veggies and whole grain crackers, limit fruit and only low sodium foods, tuna, chicken, turkey, fish, almonds, limit red meat to round steak.
No caramel color sodas, or soda at all- drink teas, preferably green or white, yes caffeine is ok.
Have something wholesome to eat every three hours so your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and hold on to fat.
Supplements-potassium gluconate, chromium picolinate, an MV, and lastly a quality fish oil at every meal.
The more exercise and sleep the better.

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move more, eat less

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109 5” is a good weight. What you think is needing weight loss is probably actuallt the need for muscle toning. Do you do sit-ups, or abs exercises on a regular basis? If not, I would look a doing that instead of eating less.

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@Garebo: some caffeine is OK, but it is a diuretic, so it contributes to dehydration. Limiting it to one or two beverages in the first half of the day can also help with getting on a consistent sleep schedule.

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Im 15 people I don’t drink Alcohol! (underage)lol and i dont like coffeee..

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@Emelo123: As a mother of an High School Senior, and from my own regrettable teenage shenanigans, I know that many 15-year-old do drink alcohol. If you truly do not, than you can be proud of yourself!

Coffee is but one source of caffeine… teas, sodas, energy drinks, and chocolate in beverages and foods have caffeine.

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Yeah i know @hearkat but I don’t drink it at all! I know many girls who do actually. But im not one those girls. Im catholic and god knows I only drink wine from church!

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@hearkat: Caffeine or guarana increases metabolism, the 8x glasses of water overcomes any dehydration. Many weight loss programs I have researched often have a drink that is formulated with either guarana, caffeine and/or other metabolism boosters. Personally, I don’t agree the body needs 8x glasses of water per day, depending on exercise load of course, but it is advisable too lose weight weight fast drink 8x. I do know this worked for me, I went from 222 to 173 in 9 months with minimal excerise and 3 years later I weigh 176 morning. In my first week I lost 4.5 lbs then 1–2 lbs/week thereafter.

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Eat protein (150g) such as non fatty meats, carbs (200g) such as green vegetables for lunch and dinner. Other protiens are 2 eggs, 100mls of full cream milk.
Drink 2–3litres of water a day, 3 meals a day and have 5 hours between meals. no snacks.
I have done every diet under the sun, and starving yourself does not work!
Eat properly, eat healthy, eat lean, but most importantly = EAT!! walk and jog, sit ups and crunches – but the fat we carry around our middle reflects on our diet. you can tone the muscles underneath, but you need to lose the fat.
Fad diets do not work – if you want to make a difference, then consider it a lifestyle change – something to look at long term, not just for this period of time, cause then when you come back, you go back to old eating habits and you slow your metabolism down and put on whatever you lost…

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