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Can anyone find a photo of Stacy London with a silver streak in her hair?

Asked by andrew (16358points) December 29th, 2007

My google-fu is failing… all the pictures I find of her, she doesn’t have the streak. Collective, help!

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Any others? My GF, who wants to do her hair like this, says “it looks bad there”

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Maybe this look
Rogue from X-Men (Anna Paquin).

As far as I can tell, in the case of Stacy it’s natural-she’s had the streak since age 12:

Sometimes this is caused by a birth mark on the scalp or other skin disorder like vitiligo, where the pigmentation of the hair shafts prematurely ceases; it produces this ‘look’. One local news anchor also has this – Colleen Williams of KNBC-4 Channel 4 news. I noticed this some years back, and while it makes for an interesting ‘fashion statement’, I think in both their cases it’s actually naturally like that.

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I once heard Stacey London say in an interview that her streak was natural.

@sndfreQ – Actually, my dad has two on his head. His is caused by a lack of pigment in that section of his skin. For him its been that way since an early age. I have a couple small ones on my upper arms, but nothing like Stacy’s or my dad’s. But for both my dad and myself our skin in those areas just ceased to produce pigment at an early age. His just happened to be on his scalp and mine on my arms.

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@ambos-yeah sorry if my description was mistaken; any lack of pigment can cause it apparently- not necessarily from a skin disorder.. Actually I have the same thing (birthmark) on my forearm and the hairs there are also colorless (thinner too).

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@sndfreQ – Your description wasn’t bad at all. I was merely adding to the conversation my personal experience with the question. Forgive me for not being more clear in my addendum to what you were saying. As a side note, would you call it a birth mark if you weren’t born with it, but it developed at a young age? Just curiosity on my part as to whether what I have would be classified as a birth mark.

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I had clients (I work in social services with children) who have a white/silver streak in their hair at birth. They have a genetic disorder called Waardenburg Syndrome. Other symptoms include bright blue eyes that are wide set, and some patients have hearing loss.
Not sure if she has it, but I think it looks awesome on her!

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