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What do you think aminals think about us?

Asked by Joinni (34points) June 14th, 2009

About the machines we use, our control over other things, our seemingly bizarre behavior ?

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It’s against everything that I WISH were true but, I don’t think animals are intelligent enough to even realize that they are not the sentient beings.

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If they have the mental capacity to think , they might consider us gods.

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@ragingloli If they had the mental capacity to think, they may also think we’re evil. We do, after all, eat other animals, cause them to go extinct and destroy the earth and their habitat in general.

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@DrasticDreamer assuming that they would have developed such a concept.
They might as well just consider us a very dangerous predator that is to be avoided.

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Um, FOOD! Either they want to eat us, or they see as a providers.

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There’s nothing wrong with DrasticDreamer answer I was focusing more on our pets like cats and dogs.

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Mine: She’s home! I get to eat! I get to go outside, I get to eat, I get to slurp on her, and then I get to eat.

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I wonder what emotions cats and dogs have.
Knowing that could answer this partly.

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Animals probably think we smell bad.

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To our own pets: best friend & provider
To others pets: friend or foe
To other animals: predator or prey or nuisance or indifference

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Animals are concerned with their most immediate, shelter, mating.

They likely perceive us as threat/non threat.

Domeaticated pets probably think along those same lines to an extent though their immediate needs are already taken care of.

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Our cat thinks my wife is a can opener.

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Not much, I assume (because they’re stupid).

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