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Astrology: Do opposites really attract?

Asked by WhatThaF (168points) June 14th, 2009 from iPhone

Look at the celebs: Brad and Angelina, Nicole and Benji, Avril & singer of Sum41, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and her producer husband, real life couple Jules and Shawn from tv show Psych,.. In zodiac/astrology, your opposite is 6 months away from your birthday month: Sagittarius-Gemini, Cancer-Capricorn, Libra-Aries, Pisces-Virgo, Leo-Aquarius, Scorpio-Taurus. My grandma was happily married to her opposite. my mother, (Taurus) divorced my father (libra) and then married her opposite (Scorpio)..
I also see this trend within my friends. yes, I observe that everyone argues.. but in the end theyre truly best friends.
I feel like, out of everyone I know, I am the only one who is a believer in this. I’ve never talked about or mentioned this to anybody because they might thing I’m crazy or something. but I wanna know.. Are you a believer? Can this potentially be true love? Who do you know are opposite signs? Success or fail and why?

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I meant Joel and Nicole* sorry for mistake..

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I am an Aries, and, as you know, Aries people do not believe in Astrology.

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I think the most likely explanation is that when you were born has no bearing on anything, except when you get your presents and driver’s licence. People interpret events in the light of what they think their vague astrological predictions said, and believe it was similar because they want to.

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I think different things work for different people…astrology is bogus IMO.

There may be some truth in the opposites thing from a psychological/biological standpoint…having someone different from you allows the couple to play off each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Genetic variation is also desirable from a biological standpoint, so being with someone very different (opposite) from you is beneficial to the gene pool.

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If you’re interested, you can find a more technical answer to your question. Astrology goes a lot further than just the sun signs (i.e. when someone says they are a gemini or libra), and compatibilities or lack thereof often have to do with the angles that appear when two people’s charts are compared side by side. The angles that say the most are 0, 90 and 180. I don’t remember all the details, but I know that 90 (also called a square) is a conflicting angle, so I would suppose it makes sense that, in general, 180 (or an opposite as you describe) is a complementary angle.

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. In zodiac/astrology, your opposite is 6 months away from your birthday month: Sagittarius-Gemini,

No, that isn’t true at all. Even supposing that you are prepared to give credence to Astrology, a chart has millions of potential combinations – an opposite cannot be something so simplistic.

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I think astrology is a lot of fun to play with but of little real value. I’ve had people do my chart and the descriptive results fit very well, but of course, it was full of generalizations that would likely fit you just as well. My fiancee is not my opposite, but I happen to think she is a pretty darn good match. Besides, it seems to me, unlike physics (magnets), opposites (behaviors/traits) would repel.

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No, I hate evil so I don’t believe opposites attract ! Astrology is a lie.

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I sure hope no awesome guy would turn me down because I was the “wrong sign” or some bullcrap. But then again, maybe I wouldn’t want to be with someone who bought into that kind of thing… :P

I think: coincidence.

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@ESV No, I hate evil so I don’t believe opposites attract ! Astrology is a lie.

It might not be true, but in order for it to be a lie it would have to have a voice, be sentient, cognisant.

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I don’t put much value onto the horoscope astrology, too simplistic…I do like playing around with birth charts and planet alignments at time of birth, yes…I’m an aquarius and the description for an aquarius truly fits me…i’ve never dated anyone who was my opposite sign – in fact the only Leo was my ex best friend…my first husband was a gemini, which is supposed to be a good match but i divorced him…my current partner/husband is a capricorn which is not supposedly a good match, but we really are…my moon is in capricorn so it might be why

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I am with an opposite and after nine years, it would be nice to be with someone who has more in common with me. In the begining different is great, in the end different is just different!

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well, it seems that I am pisces and my opposite is virgo, my s/o is virgo, maybe there is something to it?

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Opposite immune systems attract each other. See

This has nothing to do with astrology or stars or planets.

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@mattbrowne thanx, that is really interesting…
good seeing you around matt:)

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@prude – Yes, it’s great to be back. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to log onto Fluther.

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