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What do people wear in Italy?

Asked by namora (29points) June 14th, 2009

i’m going to italy over the summer and dont want to stand out in the crowd

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Clothes , shoes, trainers, boots, hats, scarfs. The same stuff as you wear .

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yea but i heard it’s innapropriate to wear shorts and spaghetti tops, i’m wondering if there’s anything else

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Here’s what I would do. Flickr, Google, Dev art: Italian people, Italy, stuff like that. Or even youtube…. look up the place you’ll be. Then you can see first hand. Or find someone from Italy online and have a chat with them :3.

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Troll much !?
hmmm wonder if they are both the same person ?

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They don’t like to show alot of skin, so long skirts and blouses that aren’t tank tops and women wear scarves all year long to cover their necks. I know this because my sister-in-law lives there. They are very modest.

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Italian men wear nice suits with white socks. :)

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I always heard company name called Benetton when living in Italy .

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@ESV (wasn’t ) Isn’t that something to do with Formula 1 ?

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@sandystrachan @ESV It might also refer to the United Colors of Benneton. It’s a clothing store that I believe is originally Italian. Very similar to H&M.

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4 Words.

Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana.

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Im pretty sure they wear the same thing we do?

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They don’t typically wear bright colors. Shorts in the summer are not unheard-of.

You will stand out. Either your manner will give you away, or you might even have the wrong shape to your face.

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