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What top to wear with color block skirt?

Asked by Jillysback (95points) February 14th, 2013

I just bought a black and cream color blocked skirt…it has two black vertical side panels and the front and back mid panels are cream. I have a cute zebra print jacket with the exact same colors…would it work? Or should I keep the top plain?

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Try them on together and look in the mirror. If you start to feel dizzy, that means too many stripes and patterns. Your eyes will tell you.

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I think it sounds cute. Try putting it together with a solid, brightly colored blouse under the jacket, and solid pumps.

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I would say it was too much, but by all means try it out.

Black and cream are easy to match. I just rarely use two different blacks or creams together.

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A magenta knit top would probably look great.

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A black plain top.

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