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Will smell-o-vision ever become real ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4412points) June 14th, 2009

And if it were to be, would you buy one ?

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Never, because there’s no way to rid a lingering smell from a room before the next one comes.

BUT IF THEY DID, I would get it.

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It might require a mask attachment, analogous to 3-d glasses, which would dispense a small dose of essential gasses for each viewer rather than trying to fill and then, as @SirBailey notes, clear an entire room. It would be far easier to control the intensity of the sensation as well. Naturally, there would have to be a stock of a variety of substances, which would have to be refreshed every so often. Of course, a more efficient, if currently unfeasible, method is direct electric stimulation of the brain to induce the sensation of scent. This has been done in the laboratory, but my impression is that it is not yet sufficiently controllable and non-invasive for use in entertainment.

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If it does, I’d never watch vh1 again.

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I can see it working in a similar way to printer cartridges.

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Yeahhh no. Unless they make an air freshener that continuously sprays, and the smell changes with time to the show youre watching. But then youd have to buy seperate containers for each episode of each show.

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“Act today. Don’t delay!” Computer Delivered Scents by Trisenx.
Oh brother, just what we need. I’ll bet there’s an app for that.
Just wondering how I can clear the air quickly if I accidentally visit certain sites.

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@boots . . .no shit. i can’t even begin to imagine what flava flav smells like.

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if u know dutch television you’ll understand

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“Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe” now in smell-o-vision!

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I don’t think there would be sufficient interest. I think it is more likely that there will be 3 D television.

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I love it in Disneyland!

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Is it not the case 3D computer monitors are either in the pipeline or are here , along with 3D vision without the need for glasses .

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They tried something like that in the theater with a John Waters movie, didn’t they? I heard the result was appropriately appalling. Man, I love that guy.

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It’s now 2011, and rumors are they’re developing it now.

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