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What could you use a little more (or a little less of) right now?

Asked by Jude (32120points) June 14th, 2009


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A little more cash. Being sixteen sucks. I need a car. gas. and insurance money.


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Cash. Doesn’t matter how much you have you always need more.

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I could use a little more time with my sweetie and a little more food in my belly right now.

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I need a little more time in highschool, and a little less drama throughout.

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A little more understanding and a little less stress

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More fun.
Less Bullshit.

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I have thought about it but can’t find anything that I genuinely need.

Although now that I think of it, I have been getting emails from various Asian people who keep telling me that I need bigger “equipment” if my wife is to remain happy. I have been ignoring them for quite a long time, but I am beginning to wonder whether they know something that I don’t.Why else would they keep sending these suggestions?

If my wife starts frowning I might becomes concerned. ;)

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I could use more time with my husband and less responsibility!

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Cash. My car just broke down and I need to replace the water pump. Car = Job transportation, Job transportation = Job, Job = Money, Money = Fix car. Would be nice to skip to that last step.

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I could use a little more heat so I can jump in the pool. it’s just not warm enough today! :(

Less weeds in the yard would be nice. too lazy to pull them, I really want to get in that pool!

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More cash, definitely! Less weight would be good, too. ;-)

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I could use a little less Cash, since that is my son and he hasn’t napped today.

Money would be lovely. And sex…but it makes me nervous living at my parents :(

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I’ve got this project due tomorrow and I’m screwing around here.
So, I guess I could use:
-more time
-fewer distractions

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I could use a little more health.

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I’m screwed! More time please…
Hey @MacBean I’ll trade you a little health for some more time! I’m a dead man if I don’t finish. Looks like an all nighter…
I’m eating now so I can look at this and not feel guilty. OK back to work!

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More love..
more cash
more faith
more beauty
more tolerance
more patience

nasty people around
less prejudice
less ignorance
less bullshit

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more: peace of mind, faith, money, talent, motivation
less: fat, depression, bad habits, negativity

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More: Money
Less: Sass and fighting from the kiddies (Summer vacation is only about 3 weeks old and August is a long time coming…)

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CASH: Money is like garage space, you never have enough.

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Yeah, baby.

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A lot less bronchitis.
A lot less pain.
A little more breathing.

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@augustlan Hope you feel better soon!

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a little more chocolate but a little less weight how is this achievable??

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@sakura more exercise. Ugh

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@lupin I know I’m just lazy!!!

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A little more love and a little less stress.

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@kimleechang Welcome to Fluther! I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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