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Why get a visual communications diploma?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) June 14th, 2009

My friend is interested in going to a local technical college and getting a visual communications diploma. I told him it would be better to go to a four year college and get a degree.

What are the advantages to getting a visual communications diploma? what kind of jobs are out there? what can you do with it?

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In going to a local college, he can get a degree faster (usually 2 years) and then go out and get work experience. After that, he can easily go back to a university and get a 4 year degree + all that work experience.

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You advised him about a career choice, but you don’t know anything about the choice that you advised him against.

Are you sure that he is your friend? You don’t appear to be his.

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@ darkscibe Why are you making this a personal issue?

I am just curious about why someone would choose a diploma over a degree. Technical colleges are something i know little about.

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@Rememberme darkscibe Why are you making this a personal issue?

You give advice to someone and then ask other people about the issue that you have advised on? That is something that I find rather hard to understand.

If you know little about technical colleges, then why did you offer advice? It would behove you to do your research before offering advice, not afterward.

In many areas a technical college diploma impresses more than a degree. There has been steadily increasing negative publicity about the poor “real life” standard in new university graduates, something that is not as bad in technical college graduates.

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Here you can get either a degree or a diploma from a technical college. I have noticed one thing, all of my friends who went through technical college found employment quicker than those of us who went through Uni.

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@ darkscribe Its like then you go to a restaurant with a friend. Your friend says “I think I am getting the hamburger” and you say “A hamburger?!? nah get the corned beef its way better” Although you may or may not have had the hamburger.

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@Rememberme Then how would you know that it was better? People don’t do that, it would be silly.

As for you friend, lots of people who do tech instead of Uni get internships and work while they are studying and so might be able to go straight into a career.

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When I think of visual information, I think of Edward Tufte There is more demand to create visual representations of data and processes. This could range from mapping functions, to the creation of learning materials, to powerpoint presentations. It’s often analysis centered as opposed to design centered.

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Our local area is intent on weeding out vocational and technical courses. As a result, plumbers now get $120 an hour. I have three university degrees and the most I ever earned was $36 an hour.

If he loves visual communications, then that might be the right choice for him. As this site says:

“With the certificate or AA degree, students can gain entry-to intermediate level employment in a variety of design jobs, with an emphasis in web or print production. All students can improve their communications skills and transition into careers in marketing, senior level design positions, and many other media-related careers such as animation and packaging design. Many students who plan a career in visual communications continue on for a Bachelor’s degree.”

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