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What are things you can have brought to your house aside from Pizza & Chinese.

Asked by Breefield (2733points) June 14th, 2009
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I know in Philly you can have cheese steaks delivered. I would pay as much as I had to if they would deliver one of those amazing things to me here in Arkansas.

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Where I live, any cuisine can be delivered. Which reminds me; I gotta order some sushi for dinner! :D

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Jimmy Johns?

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You can have pretty much anything delivered here too. Plus, if by some chance some place doesn’t deliver, there is a company that will pick up your food for you and bring it to you from any place you pick.

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uhm, you can get almost any kind of food delivered or at the very least, as take away. thai, french, italian, yes in philly -steaks, almost anything.

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Mail, Packages, Furniture, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the list goes on.

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pizza or chinese are the quintessential take-out faves. both are simple and quick. but what really turns your party into a fiesta is tacos. make them at home with family and friends with rounds of tequila and/or good mexican beer and you have a fun dinner party.

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Chinese or Japanese, Italian, liquor, seafood baskets, fresh fruit & vegetables, videos.

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@Girl_Powered wait wait wait….liquor?!

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Here they deliver Indian food.

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Mulch… and compost… and topsoil ... It’s spring! Ugh!

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They deliver KFC in my area as well.

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Don’t you have a home delivery liquor market?

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@Girl_Powered nope. where do you live?

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Beer of the Month.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities You forgot girl scout cookies!

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Dang… All you guys are lucky. All I can get delivered is mail and a pizza… THAT’S IT!

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I can get everything delivered to my aparment in NYC. Food, liquor, laundry etc. We also have MaxDelivery, they will deliver drugstore, supermarket and specialty food store items.

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Gravel, timber, dirt, sod…I’m doing some landscaping

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