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Should Michael Vick be allowed to play in the NFL?

Asked by rooeytoo (26981points) June 15th, 2009

I just saw this poll on this site
and it made me wonder what the Fluthers think?

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Only if he gets put in a cage with angry dogs for a couple of hours prior to each game.

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I think he should play in the NFL.. i’m pretty sure the NHL is out (he sucks at Hockey)... and well… the man can run but has no vertical leap so the NBA is out… MLB maybe… MLS is completely out the window to… he throws balls… not a kicker.

So the only thing left would be NFL for him.

(in all seriouness he should be kept away from pro sports until he can find a way to make up for what he’s done).

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Nope he should suffer like those dogs did

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He’s done his time and deserves a second chance.

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The dogs didn’t get a second chance did they?

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He should be allowed. But I doubt anyone would sponsor a team he plays on.

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Now’s the time we will see if Vick is serious about getting his life back on track.
I would like to see the guy be a better person but it takes a whole lot of being a good person to overcome once being the person who was executing dogs by electrocuting them.

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Technically? Yes. Would I want him to? No.

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If someone commits a crime and pays the price society has chosen, then they should be given another chance. It’s not right to pick and choose the crimes we want to give people a second chance on. I’m not defending what he did, it’s that I think it’s the only ethical thing to do.

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“The dogs didn’t get a second chance did they?”

Thank goodness, they did.

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i think the reason it’s in question is that he’s considered a role model for a lot of young people.

for person X off the street, it may not be an issue, however, given the spotlight he occupies, it has deeper issues connected to it.

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He shouldn’t be allowed to do anything to make $$$, unless he donates 80% of his income to help animal shelters. The man is a POS. He disgusts me.

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@crisw – Well some dogs didn’t make it though :(

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I can’t make up my own mind about this, I hate what he did, but he did do his time. What makes me sad is that he is only 1 person, there are dog fights going on all over the world. And most of them won’t get caught and their dogs will suffer and die.

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@rooeytoo – I think it made such an impact because he was well know and it was shocking

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True- but it’s amazing how well the dogs that did survive did bounce back and become social, happy animals.

Vick is the scum of the Earth. He makes me wish I believed in karma. :>(

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@crisw – Are you with animal rights?

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@crisw you are right! but to me he makes me wish I believed in Hell!!! jajaja

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“The dogs didn’t get a second chance did they?”

So we should stoop to his level?

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@Ivan – By what not giving him a chance?

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Well idk it depends

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This has nothing to do with a second chance. He committed a crime. He did his time. He is now a free man again. It’s up to the NFL to decide if he’s “forgiven” enough to play. If he will continue to make them money they would be wise to keep him. If he is going to cause fan havoc and riots, then by all means give him the boot.

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This is a tough question. I don’t really know. I was swayed by what @hug_of_war wrote. Does anyone know if he’s expressed remorse, and whether it was believable? Is he donating to any animal shelters or anything?

I’m just glad I’m not an NFL owner or GM with a gaping spot at QB to fill. If I were, and he were reinstated to play by the league, I’d poll my fans to get a sense of how upset they’d be. If more than 50% would be upset with the team, I definitely wouldn’t do it.

Part of what makes this such an interesting and sticky issue is the man could play. If it weren’t for the ethical issue, he’d have no problem finding a job. With other players, all seemed to be forgiven with excellent performance. I wonder if the same would apply here.

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Is everyone forgetting that “the time” (being his punishment) could very well include a ban from the NFL? What if that’s just part of the punishment for what he did? In that sense he may have not “done his time” yet.

Like it or not, some crimes are worse than others. If someone stole a gum ball it can’t really be compared to the torture this dufus subjected those dogs to.

If someone is to be a representative for an organization it would behoove that organization to be selective of said representation.. especially in a profit driven organization like the NFL.

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UCF all the way. Animal

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My heart rules my head here. My head says that he probably is enitled to a “second chance” if he has done his time/punishment. However, my heart says I NEVER want to see that mans face again and I HATE the thought of him being a success again after what he put so many dogs through.

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@NaturalMineralWater He was not banned from the NFL, that wasn’t a part of his punishment at all. The NFL condemned what he did and pretty much want nothing to do with him.
“Vick is prohibited from speaking publicly until he receives permission from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, said Vick’s attorney, Larry Woodward. Phone calls and e-mails to Woodward were not returned.

Goodell controls Vick’s NFL fate. Vick must convince Goodell he is worthy of rejoining the league and ask for reinstatement. Goodell says he will address Vick’s indefinite suspension when his sentence ends July 20.”

So, we’ll all find out soon enough, if he’ll be reinstated.

Personally, I wish he’d do more for animals now. I want him to give money, I want him to volunteer, I want him show that he’s a better person because he realized what he did was fucked up. Just like the rapper TI, he got caught with a gun. Before he was sentenced to a year in prison, he did all he could to help gun control with young children. He even would go and meet with children all over. He tried to make amends, which means a lot in my opinion.

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@casheroo I never said he was banned from the NFL. I’m only suggesting that such consideration may well be due to him based on his crimes.

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I think the league will know the fans do not want to cheer for him.

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Well, I’ll wait until july 20th to decide whether I switch to DirecTV and pay the fees for a season pass. If he’s reinstated I’ll keep on giving my money to Time Warner. It’s as simple as that.

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I truly feel he blew his chance at that privilege. Sure, he did his time, but so have a bunch of other ex-cons. They did their time and they can’t get great jobs, because of their past. That’s part of the price one pays for doing the wrong thing. In his case, he did something so damn cruel, to me, it shows what kind of person he has the capability of being.

Who the heck would be okay sponsoring a team that he would play for, anyway?

My heart is leading here. Not my head. I foster animals, I’ve worked at rescues. It’s disgusting what people can do to animals. I’ve seen the damage from dog fights.

To me, he’s probably hired a crisis management team and they are polishing his image. I just don’t buy it, yet.

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I find it interesting that there is more public outcry and disdain and less forgive and forget attitude for this guy than is often shown towards athletes accused of sexual assault???

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I agree with those who feel that he should be given a chance once the set punishment has been served. I mean, if a person does a crime, does the time, and STILL gets persecuted, well, you’re not exactly giving him any motivation to become a better person now, are you?

Plus, the bigger question is: How, in the same society, does one person get so much flak for mistreating dogs, while another brags about shooting moose? Are moose inferior to dogs? Who determines what animals are okay to shoot for sport? (I think NO animal should ever be shot for sport, BTW) And people who have mistreated/assaulted other humans have gotten far less heat than this guy.

Personally, the hypocrisy sickens me more than the crime itself…

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@dotun_o I was just talking about that with someone today. I’m pretty positive anyone with any sort of conviction cannot receive medical assistance through the state. My husband had a DUI I believe 8 years ago, and is still punished to this day, because they gave me medical assistance but refuse to give it to him. It’s the only thing we can think of, since we have to say he was convicted on the forms. I think it’s awful, especially since actual muderers and rapists get healthcare while in prison.

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@dotun_o – I had a family member that killed someone while driving under the influence. He never fought the charges, took full responsibility, served his time and never went a day without thinking about the life he took. He was 18, had one too many – yes, this is when 18 was the legal age. He was on track to go to college on a full ride; however, everything was ruined in his life. I took many years for him to get a somewhat decent job, after he was released. I loved him dearly, I saw how he was treated.

In all honesty, my anger comes from seeing how he put his life back together, spoke to teens about the consequences of drunk driving and no matter what, he couldn’t get hired doing a decent job. Here Michael Vick comes along, and wants this lifestyle handed back to him. I just doubt his sincerity. I was honest, though. I said my heart was ruling, this time. I just hate that it didn’t come as easy for my cousin. Even the family of the victim felt that things were way too hard on him. They petitioned the court for reduced sentence. There was never a time when it didn’t come back to haunt him. It just pisses me off that it should be handed back to Michael Vick on a silver platter.

@casheroo – Really? I thought they had all things reinstated after release. I didn’t release they couldn’t get state medical help, if necessary. That should be changed. If you can get it in jail, you should be able to get it on the outside.

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