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Which is better ipod touch or ipod classic?

Asked by dicka999 (22points) June 16th, 2009

i have about 500 tracks and 20 movies usaly and i love cool applications

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iPod classic is just an iPod. It does nothing else. It plays music and video. iPod touch is an iPod, PDA, web browser, camera, and smart-phone-without-the-phone.

The two are pretty much not comparable.

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@MrItty All the awesomeness you mentioned is included in a touch except for the camera.

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go for the touch, its much more versatile.

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The Touch isn’t going to offer anywhere near the storage capacity of the Classic. So if it’s important to you to have everything with you all the time, that might be the deciding factor.

Personally, I have no problem whatsoever managing the content on my 8GB iPod Touch via iTunes.

The additional capabilities of the Touch coupled with the nigh infinite expansions possible via the App Store makes the Touch the only choice for me. Yes, I can secure-shell connect to my Mac computers and gain command-line access to the Terminal. Yes, I can use the Touch to remotely control music/movies playing on the Mac. And yes, I really enjoy playing all the free games.

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I like my classic, but if I had less music I would definitely go with the touch. Also, the Classic is more storage for your buck.

But because you only have 500 songs and like apps I would go with the touch.

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Sure I saw this Q a few days ago. Buy both, see what you think and return the less favourable

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@Likeradar Really? No camera in the iPod Touch? Well that’s just silly!

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I have both an iPod classic (although when I bought it, it was just an iPod) and an iPhone. I like the iPod a great deal because it stores so much music, so it’s great for weekends away, road trips, or having a broad variety of music. My iPhone needs to be charged nightly, for the most part, and so having only 8GB of storage isn’t a problem, because I can sync it and change the music mix.

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Even an 8GB Touch can hold a large chunk of music, I have 443 songs on mine with 4GB still free. Plus it is so much more than just an mp3 player, music is probably the least used function for me because there is just so much you can do with it.

Like they say, it has everything good from an iPhone and you don’t have to deal with AT&T but there is no camera.

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@MrItty Yeah, it really is!

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@MrItty I think that sometimes too, but then I remember it is just an iPod.

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“Plus [iPod Touch] is so much more than just an mp3 player, music is probably the least used function for me because there is just so much you can do with it”

“then I remember it is just an iPod”

Does not compute. :-P

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@MrItty The software is more than an iPod, but the hardware isn’t.

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thanks for your help at the moment i am going wiv the ipod touch

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@J0E Oh fine, ruin my fun by being all logical and sensible. ;-)

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no carry on plz lol

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iPod classic all the way.. if you’re buying an iPod for music.. then listen to it the way it is meant to be listened to. i would never trade my iPod for a touchscreen fancy iPhone look alike.

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@minolta Listening to music on the Touch is much better than the Classic.

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I love my ipod classic! If you have a lot of music, then classic is the way to go. If you want the apps and a smaller amount of music go with the touch or even iphone.

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If you’ve only got 500 songs and 20 movies I’d go for a Touch unless your library of music will be very rapidly expanding in a very short time.

I’d love a touch but they don’t make one that would hold all of my 55+ GB of music so I went with a 120GB Classic, which rocks for its music playing abilities and huge hard drive.

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I have about 1000 tracks on my 16gig refurb itouch, lots of apps and videos with still 3gigs left…

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I prefer iPod Touch

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