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Do you ever go back and search for the old humorous or "classic" Fluther threads just because you need a good chuckle?

Asked by adreamofautumn (3983points) June 16th, 2009

I found myself in a bit of a funk and decided that the perfect remedy was to read the Cake thread yet again. Does anyone else have this particular habit of re-reading funny threads just because it’s fun?

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All the time. I especially enjoy reading the Fluther story.

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you guys should be adding links when you mention a thread! some of us may have missed it.

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Sorry @Judi frizzer, cake

The cake thread was my first ever introduction to fluther (how and why I don’t know, because it was way before my time here, yet it was the first thread I ever saw) and it’s still one of my favorite threads.

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Yes! Haiku and Pancake in addition to those mentioned.

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Yes. Also I can’t keep up with the Fluther traffic, even sorting through posts of not so much interest. I visit every day, more or less, but am currently at 199 activity for me, and 6963 questions for me. ;-)

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I’ve read the frizzer thread many a time, as well one that’s only really funny to those of us involved, about smoking out of aluminum.

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I also thoroughly enjoyed this. I think AstroChuck needs to bring it back.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Is that the song title game? I’m afraid to click your link… I’ll be waiting all night for that beast to load!

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@augustlan The ipod roulette game. I know games are kinda frowned upon here, but come on- that looked like fun.

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This is the song title game thread. @augustlan- Don’t be afraid of it. Everyone is invited to contribute, and continue to do so for all eternity.

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@AstroChuck That did take a while to load. That’s got to be the record for most responses.

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i think ‘how do women get away with this?’ is so classic. i think the answers it got were just priceless.

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@AstroChuck: I just did contribute :)

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edit: I was trying to post a link to this querstion in another question. oops!

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Yes, often.

Whew! Now I can get back to my life.

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