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What is the policy for selling a "fan page" on

Asked by AlexLavidge (37points) June 16th, 2009

I created a fan page for my hometown recently of Knoxville, TN which over a few weeks has grown to over 10,000 fans on

This could be a great part of any marketing mix for a local media agency that polls viewers on local opinions or even as a social media tool for the local government.

I’m wondering if it makes sense to continue using it to ask questions and poll the community or if I should sell it? And, if so, for how much? Additionally, is this even legal? What’s facebook’s policy for something like this?

Of course, I wouldn’t want this unique relationship with over 10K people to be “sold out” and used for shallow marketing purposes. However, for something like a local TV station or newspaper, it could be a valuable tool for polling people and redirecting traffic to their site.


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My guess is that a government office can take over your page if they so choose.

there’ve been other instances where courts have ruled against internet “squatters”, as it were. if anything, i’d offer it to them gratis, with the hopes you get to maintain it, or parlay it into a job of some sort. or maybe free booze.

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This is very similar to selling a mailing list, and would seem to break the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

People have opted into receiving Knoxville related content, and not that of a particular business or corporation. You’re selling people’s contact information and opting them into receiving marketing materials without their express permission.

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Featuring local businesses is a totally different thing in my opinion, but simply selling control of the group to a corporate entity feels wrong to me.

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A good place to check is

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I appreciate the feedback. Richard I agree with you too that “selling out” the list would be inappropriate and offensive, regardless of the terms of service. However, what I’m thinking is that if one of the local TV stations bought it and posted news items and linked back to their site asking for additional feedback this would seem to be ok and not really that abrasive. Already I use the site to poll opinions out of personal interest and less than .01% have objected to that and choose to remove themselves from the page.

I’ve also read over the Terms of Service and Terms of Use and can’t find anything verbatim that states I don’t have the right to transfer ownership whether it’s for a profit or not. Additionally, I’m willing to consider having the money go to a nonprofit.

Any additional thoughts would be appreciated!

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Sure Integrity,

If to you advertising is a totally seperate endevour then bye all means use it to further your own ends for only when you look after yourself can you provide by others . . . however if your pursuit is not the career that you are choosing for the sheer love of the spreading of information then pehaps this path was one of misgivvings in the fist place.

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Since I posted this I decided that I’m going to have the proceeds donated to a local nonprofit.

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