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How old are you?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) December 30th, 2007

Breedmitch’s question triggered mine- resurrected for the newbies. I am 70 until tomorrow, (the worst day in which to have a birthday, unless someone else has a nomination to top Dec. 31.)

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I’m 30.. And happy B-Day.

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i turn 32 on the 31st. i advocate celebrating 1/2 birthdays. i plan on ignoring the one tomorrow, but throwing a party on june 28th instead.

but i think the worst bday has to be december 25th.

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34-happy birthday gail!

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19 and happy birthday gailcalled

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Gail.
and Happy New Year!

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17. Happy birthday.

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happy birthday….38

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Get off my lawn..

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Um, okay, my turn. I’m 15.

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Happy Birthday!
I’m 24 :)

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@Lancevance; there is a cute guy from the Netherlands (Klaas) who will be 13 until early Feb. So far, he is the youngest jelly and you are our next youngest, I think.

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Twenty four.

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16, and happy birthday Gail! I would leave you a comment tomorrow saying happy birthday (on your actual birthday), but I’ll be on a plane for the entirety of the day, and expect to crash when I get home.

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