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Does warming food in a microwave remove the nutirents?

Asked by Facade (22902points) June 17th, 2009

I don’t know where I heard it does, but I heard that it does lol.
Say it ain’t so!

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no? the oven does the same thing… the microwave just does it faster.

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the heat certainly destroys vitamins, so yes.

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@ragingloli so we can only get vitamins from raw foods? c’mon now

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Microwave cookery is supposed to be the healthiest way to cook food,and the most nutritional form of cookery according to microwave cookery books .

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for some Vitamis, this is definitely the case.
Vitamin C is the most unstable of vitamins and will not survive heating (or prolonged exposure to air or light), so you definitely need raw food to obtain it. (or pills, but I have seen reports on tv that the pills are not that beneficial)

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decisions decisions..who to believe :P

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what is the problem with eating some fresh fruit?

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I don’t really microwave fruit. I was referring to vegetables and frozen dinners.

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well you eat them raw.
also it is much more fun cooking stuff yourself. and it usually tastes better.
when i have the funds i love doing some spaghetti bolognese. tastes better than anything you get in the supermarket.

coming from a guy

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Believe me, I plan on cooking whne I get a house, kitchen, and money. For now, it’s frozen meals for me which is a big step from eating fast food every day

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Microwave cooking is quite “iffy” to say the least. After seeing how microwaved molecules change shape (and resemble cells that look more like cancer than food) we got rid of ours.

You might check the sources of these links as I did not. I did my research myself but didn’t record it so I just did a quick google search for this post.

1. Dangers of Microwaving Food
2. How Microwaving Affects Molecules
3. How Microwaving Affects Water Vs. Stove Boiling
4. Plants watered with Microwave Water
5. More dangers of Microwaving
6. Easy to read clinical studies about dangers of Microwaving

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@RedPowerLady Resemble cells that look like cancer? You’ve got to be kidding me. I mean, if this were true, cancer rates would be through the roof and relapses would be commonplace, and this is not true, so what does that say about your theory? Considering many of your links come from alternative health sources, it’s obvious they are biased in their reporting. They have no cites of scientific material! Please don’t provide links supporting your point unless you have vouched for them, we all know how to use Google, thanks.

I prefer to look at the science instead of looking at silly internet opinions. What does the science say? It says that microwaving does have some effects, but will you be microwaving breast milk? Doubtful. The ONLY other supporting scientific material I’ve seen for losing nutrients via microwaving is about broccoli losing antioxidants when microwaved. Eat a handful of blueberries and you’ll easily compensate for that.

That said, I don’t have a microwave, but this is because I live in an apartment that isn’t fitted for one and I don’t want to lose all my counter space so I can nuke a burrito. I’ve been doing just fine using the oven to reheat stuff.

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My doctor told me as long as I’m eating some fruits and vegetables every day, the amount of nutrients lost in whatever cooking process is negligible. Besides, most of us just can’t afford raw everything. Alternative medicine has its place, and in most cases does no harm as long as you’re not neglecting your doctor’s advice, but alternative medicine also contradicts itself all over the place. Even traditional Chinese medicine warns against a strict raw food diet—the warming makes it easier to digest.

Try those “steam-in-a-bag” veggies. They taste great from the microwave, the broccoli retains that wonderful crunch, and they are the perfect size for one meal, as opposed to the bags of frozen veg. (Though I eat a lot of those, too).

I also keep a lot of frozen fruit around as a back up, when fresh is too expensive and berries are out of season. I do microwave it a bit, just so I can have it in my yogurt.

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@dynamicduo Give it a rest why don’t you. I didn’t say they were cancel cells. Geez. If you take the pictures of a water molecule. Then take one heated by boiling. Then take one heated by microwave. Then look at a cancer one. The microwaved water more closely resembles the shape of the cancer cell than the other heated water. It does mean it is cancer. Come on buddy. That is what resembles means – looks like not is.

And quit telling me what I can and cannot post, it is rather tiresome. The user is intelligent enough to decide for themselves if they agree with the links. Just because they are alternative health links (some of them) does not make them any less informational. AND for that matter I did say I vouche for them because I have done my own research on the topic with similar results. Seriously, just because you don’t agree with someone does not mean you should be an arse. It makes you look awful, not me.

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@RedPowerLady What was the point of mentioning the resemblance to cancer cells?

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@Facade It is warped and creepy. And that was the last straw that influenced me to get rid of my microwave as I stated above. See how it is parentheses meaning it is a side-note, less significant to the point? After seeing how microwaved molecules change shape (and resemble cells that look more like cancer than food) we got rid of ours.

RedPowerLady's avatar – Click on the book and go to page 29 or even easier is to just type in microwave on the side bar.
(you can also go back and forth between pages to see more, but basically the picture on the left is a typical water molecule, the picture on the right is a microwaved one)

Anyhow just seeing how the molecule changes shape (as I said without the “cancer parentheses provision”) was enough to deter me. This was of course the main point and now you can see what I mean. :)

Also, in response to the statement that the links I provided have no science in them. Well that is in fact false. At least two site clinical studies. One siting several clinical studies.

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the page you linked to shows Ice crystals, not water molecules.

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@ragingloli Uh… Ice is water. And actually the book said it is a sample of distilled water vs. microwaved water. They are calling them water crystals not ice crystals. Same thing, Different thing. Doesn’t matter sense ice is water. They also call them water molecules as well. I’ll quote if you’d like :)

Just for fun:

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Oh I edited, you may want to refresh

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This is a water molecule.
What you linked to was an Ice crystal, consisting of billions of water molecules in a crystalline structure,
And no, the 2 photos in the preview had nothing to do with microwaves. They showed the effects of positive words on the final result of the formation of these crystals.
Page 5 title: “We showed words to water”
Page 6: the water was shown the japanese word for thank you and shows the resulting ice crystal.

Both crystals shown were the result of wrapping a piece of paper in which words were written around a bottle of water and then freezing it. Neither of them had anything to do with microwaves.

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i just saw that you meant page 29,well..

“A valid account with a prior purchase is required to view some pages in this sample.”

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@ragingloli Well you are wrong in stating this “And no, the 2 photos in the preview had nothing to do with microwaves. They showed the effects of positive words on the final result of the formation of these crystals.”

“Samples of distilled water and water shown the words “love and gratitutde” were placed next to televisions, computers, and mobile telephones, and heated by microwaves.”

And as far as molecules vs. crystals. I will also quote from the book: “The hidden messages in water introduces the revolutionary work of Masaru Emoto, who has discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings.”
(as well as microwaving shown later in the book).

Having said that I will apologize for my misuse of terms and say this. What disturbs me is the formation of the water crystals, made up of a bunch of water molecules, changes in disturbing ways (vs. a typical water crystal) when microwaved and that personally bothers me. The molecules themselves may not be changing form but they are being affected by the microwaving process and are changing their formation or shape within said crystal. That is more semantically correct I believe.

Also Water Crystal
Microwaved Water Crystal

Same pictures as on pg. 29

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It is still a very far leap to say that this would have any effect on the body if consumed. Especially considering that once drunken, it becomes mixed with your stomach acids, which might very well change the molecules again.

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@ragingloli That is up to each person to decide. I never asked anyone to believe what I believe. All I did is state why I got rid of my microwave. Of course I did provide other information on why microwaving could be considered a bit “iffy” as I originally suggested. But I never told anyone to get rid of their microwave or to stop microwaving their food.

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