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Does anyone know of any good nudist sites?

Asked by justus2 (851points) June 17th, 2009

I am looking for a site that I can post up some nude pictures and get paid for it that are legitimate, I just don’t want one that will put viruses on my computer and minaly want to put just pictures. Maybe a couple videos :)

also I am not looking for comments about it being wrong morally, no one will change my opinion or mind on it. Thanks

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It’s not answering the question but be careful : ) Once the pictures are out there there out there for everyone.

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I have been to a porn site that is strictly regular couples, who videotape themselves for like, a week…every single thing they do, of course lots of sex. And they get paid. I forget the site. I’m trying to google it. don’t judge me!

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@casheroo thank you. let me know if you find it please

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They do have to approve the pictures.

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you’ve got some theme going with your questions

just sayin’

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@jonsblond I like nudity and stuff like that and I just had the thought a few days ago I would like to put me and my fiance on the internet adn get paid for it but I was just trying to find some good sites for it

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bebaretoo(dot)com is a decent nudist site, but I am not sure if they buy photos or not. You could check em out though.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Thank you but we have seen that site before actually and I am pretty sure they dont, thank you for the suggestion though.

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lol was just about to go “yeah dude, the Internet’s full of them….”

then I realized which kind of site…

Southern France is full of em… be prepared for some hairy old people now and again though, gotta take the good with the bad…

ohhhhh wow…. so I should definitely stop being too lazy to read the descriptions before posting…. you did mean those sites….

just forget I even said anything

how embarrassing lol

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Just make your own site. Show some samples and if they like, charge a fee to get access to the whole catalogue.

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Something about this line of questions is familar. Were you on Fluther before under a different name?

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there are a few, but I think to be safe, you might want to create your own.
when/if you do, please share your url…..
very curious now.

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@prude I have no idea how to create my own. ?

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@PupnTaco No i wasn’t. This is my first time on this site but I am love nudity and all that kinda stuff. Both me and my fiance.

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You are morally corrupt. haha, I had to. You put yourself out there. :-p

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@TylerM you sound sarcastic….are you being sarcastic or do you really think that is morally wrong?

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@justus2 I personally think it’s morally wrong, but I wasn’t actually saying that. It was an attempt at a joke :-p I wouldn’t have even thought of saying it if you hadn’t said that in your actual question.

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@La_chica_gomela That’s the site! lol

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@La_chica_gomela Thank you. I will check it out. :)
@TylerM Oh ok, I think it is fun and don’t get the big deal.

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