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For the experts on prenancy. What does it mean when there is a conception discrepancy?

Asked by sap82 (704points) June 18th, 2009

My wife is pregnant. We based our childs conception on her last period, which was nine weeks ago. However, after going to our first sonogram the doctor says our child is only about nine weeks along. They said that everything is normal, but that is a pretty big discrepancy in dates. Can this mean there is something wrong with my child? Is it possible that my wife just ovulated later than usual? Should I be worried?

(Please no sarcastic remarks.)

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Okay so, in America, when doctors say the baby is 9 weeks old, they start that count not at conception but at the first day of last menstural period. So when was the first day of her last period? Count that as day 1, week 0

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April 10, 2009.

The doctor did not say the baby was 9 weeks old they said it was 6 weeks old.

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How long are her cycles usually?

I’m an early ovulater, so going from my LMP is going to be wrong. The most accurate way to find out how old a embryo is, is by an early ultrasound. Usually done around 6–8 weeks is best, a vaginal ultrasound (can’t see much going abdominal) They can measure the size of the baby, and give you the due date. They will stick to this due date throughout the pregnancy.

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Wait, I’m confused, is she 9 week or 6 weeks?

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@casheroo that is exactly what they did. But, there date and the date of my wife’s last period didn’t link up. They are saying the child was conceive 2 or 3 weeks after her las period. However, she was under a lot of stress in that time: finals, work, etc. It is possible her cycle was off because of that.

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu Did you read his details at all? He didn’t mention being concerned about the baby being his or not, he’s worried about the health of the baby because of how small it is. (that’s what I’m gathering)

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu No. You missed the point of my question entirely. What does that have to do with anything? No matter. I am positive my wife is true to me.

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@casheroo You are correct. I am concered about the health of the baby because of how small it is

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@sap82 Okay, you’re starting to confuse me a lot. Of course she conceived 2–3 weeks after her last period, that is when you ovulate. But, the due date goes from the LMP (last menstrual period)
Babies come in all different sizes. My son was a small embryo but then started measuring 3 weeks ahead in size (he got huge) It’s still early, so I wouldn’t worry.

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@sap82 Oh, my sincerest apologies. I thought you were saying that you were worried it’s not yours because the baby is 3 weeks younger than you thought it should be.

Now I’m utterly confused, like @casheroo is.

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@sap82 Everytime you come back with a response your story sort of changes are you for real or….....
If you were that concerned about the childs health you would have asked the midwifes for reassurance along with the sonographer.

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@casheroo Sorry, I don’t understand these things very well myself. The point I am trying to make is the baby is as big as a 6 week old when we thought is was 9 weeks old. That is why I am concerned.

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@sandystrachan Yes I am for real. There is no need for you to go troll hunting.

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@casheroo Also, the reason I am concerned is because the doctor seemed to make a big deal about the size discrepancy.

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A hunting i will go : not today tho , i have two children with a third on the way . If there was anything wrong with your unborn child the sonographer would have called a Dr , and really to be honest i don’t think the Dr would have let you away without informing you there findings or put your mind at ease .

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@sandystrachan Thank you for the input. You are probably right. They just confused the hell out of me. They kind of ruined a day for me and my wife that was supposed to be exciting.

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@sap82 Well, she either ovulated late, or she had another period after April 10th because that’s all it could mean.

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@casheroo Fair enough. Thank you for your input. So you have never heard of a nine week old baby looking like a six week old?

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Maybe its just a small baby !
The same time my 2nd child was born my wifes sister had a child within a few months her child is very small compared to ours . I wouldn’t really worry about it if it was something to worry about they would never have let her out the hospital/clinic. They will just keep a closer eye on the development of the unborn child still tho if you are really this worried thats what the midwives are for , call them anytime of the day and just speak to them its better than posting here to people who don’t really know they history of this pregnancy .

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thank you everybody for your info.

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I think you may have mistyped one of the dates in your question. Did you mean to say that the doctor told your wife that she’s 6 weeks along when you thought it was 9? Or something like that? Am I correct?

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@aprilsimnel Yes you are right. I will correct that now. thanxs

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My daughter had a similar discrepancy with her pregnancy. (this was her first) As long as the doctor is telling you everything is ok, I don’t think you should worry. If there was cause to worry, the doctor would instruct you as to what needs to be done.

Congrats! Is this your first?
Here is info on babies at 6 weeks, and here is 9 weeks. You might want to cruise the site while you’re there. There is a lot of great information for you.

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@scamp Yes it is my first. thank you for the links.

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@sap82 You’re very welcome. I wish you and your family all the best!!

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I think that pregnancy is a lot less precise than some medical types like to think it is. :) @adreamofautumn was a normal size when she was born, but based on all that precise math they like to do, she was either two months early or three months late! (Not to mention the docs told her mom that she was gonna have twin boys… and out comes one girl. Sheesh!) Basically, don’t stress, babies come in all shapes and sizes and development isn’t a precise trajectory, no matter when conception happened. The important part is that it DID happen, which they’re pretty clear on it seems. :) I’m sure your baby is just fine, and will arrive when he or she is ready.

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@sap82 Congratulations!
The first pregnancy is a wonderful and awesome experience to go through! It can also be a little scary as well! My youngest daughter who is also pregnant went in for her ultrasound, as the nurse was performing this, (her the doctor was looking at the monitor) the nurs said to him very quietly, “would you look at that.” My daugther and her husband both looked at one another with extreme fear in their eyes hearing. Anyway, Ashley asked what was wrong? The doctor said, that a normal baby should weigh about 3 to 4 oz, and her’s looked to be 6 to 8oz. Twice the normal size. My daughter is 5’2. It scared the heck out of them, until the Doctor really took a look at Chris, who is 6’6. The doctor told them he was about to tell them they were wrong or mistaken about the time of conception. After asking Chris if he knew his birth weight, Chris replied, yes 11 lbs. So, I guess you could say the moral of this story is? There is nothing written in stone about what a babies size should be or when she conceived, it is only based on experience or something to that effect.

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@fireinthepriory @sccrowell thank you both for your opinions. I am feeling a lot more confident about my baby now. Yay!!!!

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@sap82 – first congrats!!! Second, with our first there was a bit of a difference to. Like you they went with the date base on measurements taken from the ultrasound. He’s fine healthy and gett’n on my nerves at 6 today.

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I have gone thru this with my wife 3 times, with my daughter, and with friends.
Don’t freak! It’s just a number. There is probably nothing wrong.
Congradulations! I know this is an exciting time!

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@Bri_L LMAO. I am very happy to hear that. Thank you very much for you comment

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@filmfann Thank you. My wife and I are very excited.

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