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I see I have (31*) next to my name, what does this mean?

Asked by Open (198points) June 18th, 2009

Sorry, I’m new here (2nd time logging on in fact). I appreciate any and all comments. While I’m at it, if there are any other fluther features you would like to inform me of, have at it. ^_^ Thank you!

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it’s called lurve, based on how well you answer questions, or how good of a question you ask, anyone else on this site can give you “lurve”.

You have a lifetime max lurve to give to each person of 100 per person, and can get 1 point for logging in consecutive days.

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This is your “Lurve” Find out more here

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sadly, they don’t add up to be worth anything =(

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Thank you! ^_^

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It means somebody lurves you.

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I would like to know how you got 31 for logging in twice.

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@sweetteaindahouse He probably answered some questions and people agreed with him, giving him lurve.

Last question I asked, I gave nearly everyone lurve….does that make me a whore?

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