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Are you in favor of your tax dollars going toward paying to maintain and keep the embryos alive that are currently "living" in IVF clinics?

Asked by jca2 (16245points) 1 month ago

If the embryos that are in IVF clinics are considered to be “a life,” then are you in favor of your tax dollars going toward the maintenance required to keep those embryos living? Staffs need to be paid, buildings need power and heat and computers, the embryos probably need a perfect environment to exist.

This would be no different than if a baby were born and needed extensive medical intervention, due to a genetic abnormality or a physical issue (severe cerebral palsy, for example), and would need tube feedings, suctioning (of the lungs). These places exist. My friend’s mom, a nurse, worked at one, formerly referred to as a “home for the retarded” where severely impaired children live and require around the clock nursing care. She suctioned the babies and children, and they got tube feedings, and were mostly bedbound.

Would you be willing to pay the IVF clinics for the same, in the form of Medicaid or other government assistance?

I’m betting they’re gearing up for asking for financial help from the government to keep the clinics running, to maintain the lives that exist in the tubes.

If you think of that embryo as a life, does it have a right to be kept alive, and if so, how?

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Nope, not in California, because we are a bit more civilized and also believe in the separation of Church and State.

The Alabama judge just handed the Alabama legislature there a bill. Since they believe in a non loving retributive and punishing God, let them pay for it.

But since Alabama ranks 40th out of 50 states in paying for education, they sure won’t pay for added child care. Their IVF storage will be in the freezer at the back of a Mobile AL bait shop.

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No, the parents should pay if they choose that method in an overpopulated world with limited resources.

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Since the husband and wives can’t use the embryos, they can abandon them and . . . the embryos become a state issue. Just like an abandoned bank account of security deposit.

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It wouldn’t be my first choice for allocating tax funds to, but I’m not about to get upset that legislation led to it getting assigned there.

However, I DO think it’s idiotic and incorrect to start “treating embryos as a life” for legal purposes, particularly if extrapolated to laws written when the context was that embryos are not lives. It’s clearly a recipe for legal chaos.

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No. IVF clinics are a service. They are altering the normal growth of the embryos and are being paid by the clients that use their service. Not something I truly support, but not totally offensive either.

But your question seems to indicate you believe that there are a whole bunch of random embryos growing, just waiting for a recipient. IVF takes the eggs from the female and puts them together with the sperm of the male and then puts the completed product back inside the female. The entire time the fertilized eggs are outside the body is something like 3–5 days. Most of that is following an injection into the female designed to make the womb compatible with a fertilized egg.

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They are NOT “growing” . . . they are frozen in a liquid Nitrogen tanks.

The state off Alabama allows first cousins to marry ===>

I wonder if the Judge’s parents were cousins? ?

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@seawulf575 The entire time the fertilized eggs are outside the body is something like 3–5 days.

Not sure where you get your info. Sometimes that happens.

“I don’t think anyone knows how long stored embryos are viable; the longest that one was stored which resulted in a pregnancy was 30 years. “A pair of twins born in late October [2022] arose from embryos that had been frozen for nearly 30 years, CNN reported.”

And as @TW said, they’re not growing.

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@smudges Gee, I didn’t go to CNN. I went to a less informed outlet for my information. But hey, @TW is the expert. In everything.

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Sorry I hurt your feelings, I have two lovely grand-kids because of IVF.

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@Tropical_Willie Congrats! Good to know.

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@seawulf575 I was only clarifying for you since you weren’t aware.

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Fuck it, why not?
I don’t know enough about this, to offer real insight.
I think such things can be troublesome if privatized.
Perhaps it is deemed to require government oversight, to prevent unspeakable experiments.
Or. Perhaps this is more of just a human interest story.
I don’t see this as a civil rights issue.

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