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Would you argree with the statement in the 'details' section? Why or why not?

Asked by kenmc (11773points) June 18th, 2009

“Innate intelligence is reflective self-awareness.”

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I couldn’t be sure self-awareness even exists for certain.

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@joooon This wasn’t meant to be in a metaphysical sense.

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I don’t get it…

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Confound you and your devious ways to make me curious and get me to look at your thread.

I fell for it.
Well played.

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Me either. What does it mean?

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I don’t agree with it because it’s a bunch of abstractions all glommed together. There’s no there there.

If it’s any consolation, I don’t disagree with it either – I just think it’s important-sounding bafflegab.

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It’s roughly saying that intelligence at birth is knowing your situation.

You’re aware of your situation. Hopefully that would lead you to seeking ways to get out of it if it’s distasteful, or using it to it’s fullest advantage if you like it.

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I don’t think that reflection is innate
as I know plenty of adults who will never reach the point of intelligence if intelligence means reflective self-awareness – even if I wish that they would try

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If they weren’t born with it, they wouldn’t have this intelligence.

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It’s kind of a tautology, isn’t it? I mean, what you know is what you know.

I don’t see why you weren’t friendly and put your question in the title instead of the details (i.e., Do you agree that “innate intelligence is reflective self-awareness”?) That would have been so much nicer!

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@boots I disagree – there’s no reason this ‘intelligence’ can’t be acquired – one may begin self reflection eventually

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@boots A little while ago, I tried to ask the question ‘What if God was all of us?’ and it was’nt quite accepted for exposure. You know the song,right?,but not quite.

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@lloydbird you mean “What if God was one of us?”, that would be weird if he was all of us. Constantly fighting himself and arguing with himself…..wait…..that makes sense….God is schizo and we are his other personalities!!

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Well, there’s pantheism

Though personally I don’t understand why people who define god as everything in existence still bother using the word “god” at all.

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It’s one of those sayings that can be discussed endlessly, but mean very little. And “innate” is tautologous, anyway. intelligence (except in the sense that spymasters use it) is never other than innate.

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@Phobia….but not quite.

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@daloon I apologize for making you click…

It’s not saying that. It’s saying that knowing yourself (how you react, how you fit your situation, how other’s perceive you, ect…) is an intelligence.

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Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

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Astute except for this sentence does make sense.

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Not to me. It might if it said “entails,” “enhances,” fosters,” or some other verb expressive of relationship, and then I could comment on it. But “is”—identity, an equation, a definition, a tautological statement—doesn’t.

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Perhaps you need to define “intelligence.” There are some really intelligent animals out there, like gorillas, but I would question whether or not they engage in “self reflection.”

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@boots I think @Jeruba is engaging in some SERIOUS self reflection!!

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