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Any advice on raising baby squirrels?

Asked by buster (10244points) June 18th, 2009

I have three baby squirrels. Their mom died when a storm blew their nest and tree down. They are really young. What is a good diet for them? I’ve tried fruits, nuts, and kitty formula from a syringe. I have only had them a day and it seems like they aren’t eating much maybe just a little milk. What will they need from me growing up? Will they easily adapt back to the wild when they are old enough to be on their own? Right now they are in a rabbit pen hiding in a shoebox with bedding in it.

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Don’t try to raise them.

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@basp Why not? You want me to put them back where I found them and let them die?

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don’t let them get near your nuts.

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@eponymoushipster – Haha!

Call a veterinarian and see what they would advise. They might know who to call if they can’t help. I think it’s sweet you want to save them. Just keep them away from the street, they like to dodge cars.

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@buster Yes. Circle of life and all that jazz.

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oh my god, I’ve always wanted a squirrel as a pet! Youtube squirrel videos, they’re the cutest pets ever!!
ahem. Sorry about that. I know nothing of the care they need. I’d try to find books or info online.

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You need to know that you can’t force the squirrel to take your nipple. You have to let them nuzzle at your breast and find them on their own.

Once they do find the nipple, it becomes one of the most rewarding experience you can imagine. I would offer my help but I am no longer able to lactate.

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@casheroo: You’d change your mind so fast your brain would scramble. They’re evil incarnate.

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@MacBean did you let it get near your nuts?

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I think I saw the mother waterskiing on the ‘Today’ show last week! Maybe that’s where she went. She has to support her family somehow since the father ran off with the tramp from the Geico commercial!

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wouldn’t be my choice to keep them, but check this site out:

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@gymnastchick729 That website had a lot of valuable information for anyone taking on such an endeavor. Good luck, Buster!

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call animal control or a local animal shelter. They will have the expertise to give the squirels the best chance of surviving.

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Look under your state wildlife department or do a search online, they will have a list of licensed rehabilitators. In most states, it is illegal to keep native wildlife without the appropriate permits. While your intention to help the squirrels is laudable, their best chance is going to be with an experienced rehabber who not only knows how to raise them, but also how to transition them to living on their own in the wild. Hand raised squirrels go through a dramatic transition – one day they’re cute and loving, the next they want to rip you lips off. When they reach that stage, just tossing them out on their own gives them a pretty low chance of survival.

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