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Have we finished having fun with Wordles yet?

Asked by Jeruba (51640points) June 18th, 2009

I haven’t. I just made this one.

Is anyone else still playing with this lovely toy? Let’s see your latest.

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I play with it a little, but I like this one better:

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My first try. I must go to bed now but this will be fun in the morning when I am more alert.

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@rooeytoo: Wow, I just wasted almost an hour mesmerizing myself with that. It is my wildest dreams.

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Gee, I haven’t even started. I’ll have to do it sometime tomorrow.

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Great choice, @Yetanotheruser. It’s the repetition of certain words that creates those beautiful contours. You inspired me to try another take on the same text, using custom colors.

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