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Anyone else want to give a virtual wedding gift to wtf and sccrowell?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) June 19th, 2009

Here’s mine:

Something Old

To Be One With Each Other
What greater thing is there for two human souls
than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen
each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow,
to share with each other in all gladness,
to be one with each other in the
silent unspoken memories?
-George Eliot

Something New

“The first time I saw a male and a female entwined on the surface…I scooped [them] up, and before my very eyes, I saw the male pass this big bundle of red stuff to the female, release her, and she ingested this bundle of red stuff,” Ames recalls. “Within two days, she produced this embryo strand, and when I reared them in the lab, they grew up to be polyps, which are baby jellyfish.”

Something Borrowed

Something Blue

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@Marina, your gift is perfect. My compliments.

I’ll offer Three Spirits Filled with Joy by Warwick Goble. I hope they will fill the hearts of Gary and Sherry and abide there, whatever may come.

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someone has to give a naughty gift, might as well be me. *humans not included.

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Here. Have a virtual puppy. Less maintenance than a regular one.

I may post again with a better idea…

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I would like to give ipod to each one so they can both be on Fluther at the same time
Unless they already have one then I give it to someone else

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Here’s something for them to share

In fact, I might go down to the bakery and have one right now – in their honor. Mmmm.

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If I had the power I take care of the unknowns and give you this

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@Jeruba Beautiful image! Joy is the perfect gift.

@elijah Woo hoo!

@cprevite Yum, can I have some too? Also, good for smashing in each others’ faces if one is so inclined, although that is not a wedding tradition I enjoy.

@dverhey Awwwwwww!

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@dverhey: could that puppy be any cuter.

@Marina: I’ll make sure you get your own.

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@Bri_L Was that a naughty pic? Mine said Forbidden.

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sorry the link stopped working. Not naughty though. Sincere.

Try this

Just a wish for longevity of life and happiness.

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I don’t have a gift to give you, other than my best wishes. The one that you are giving each other, well – it’s better than anything I can find.

You know, usually when you go to a wedding, the people get some kind of party favor that isn’t used; however, the collective received something that we’ll always have. We experienced true joy and happiness, the night of your engagement. We get to participate in this beautiful relationship. We get to experience true love.

That, my friends, is the best party favor I’ve every received. Thank you!

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I will give them this!

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@aprilsimnel Lovely spot for a honeymoon!

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oh my, what a lovely idea….

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Best Wishes from The Cornfield. If I was still in California I would give you one of these.

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add a bottle of my mojo to the pile!

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my gift is the wish that you two will always walk the straight and narrow with each other and thus always be on line together.

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Psst! @fireside! Don’t forget the sixpence!

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How about some fine art that represents how you feel about one another :). Eternal kisses :)

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@johnpowell That is very neat, jp!

@RedPowerLady Another wonderful image for their collection!

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This is an absolutely beautiful piece of music I want to share with you on this happy occasion: Priscilla Ahn – Dream

I’m imagining your joy and sharing in it.

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A little patch of land to build that love cottage and another for that summer beach home.

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@Trustinglife Thanks for sharing that hauntingly lovely song with all of us!

@AstroChuck Ah, like Woody Allen.

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Just some simple advice.

Never take each other for granted.

Always put yourselves first, as a couple. Friends are friends and family is family but the two of you are now both.

Just because the two of you are married now doesn’t mean that the “limo rides” have to stop.

I had to learn all of these things the hard way. My gift to you is hoping that you don’t.

Here’s to the beginning of a great couple. Cheers!

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There we go, it’s finally ready. Here’s my contribution to the wedding gifts :)

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@PnL And a marvelous gift it is!

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I will bake a virtual cake and deliver it to your door monthly. Delicious and so few calories!

Thanks for sharing your joy!

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all i have to offer is this cake and my best wishes. (:

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@Marina….Many apologies for my delayed response…I’ve been away from fluther the last couple of days, and missed it terribly (well not that terribly…I was otherwise occupied). Thank you very much for all your virtual gifts….they are all so beautiful and touching. You really know me very well, dear friend. Much love, Gary

@Jeruba…I just knew when I saw you had added a link, that it would be special. And, indeed it is. I don’t care who hears this: I am a huge fan of fantasy art, especially the unicorn. pegasus and beautiful faery princesses…just adjacent to my monitor are two fine examples by Amy Brown. I will add your offering to my virtual art collection with great pleasure. Thank you.
Jeruba, Considering your post is the first to Marina’s question….well, frankly it blew me away and stirred up so many emotions…all wonderful. I hope you don’t mind if I share what I wrote to you via PM shortly after my return to fluther:

“Welcome to my fluther. When I returned to fluther after my 7 month absence, I was saddened to find Marina absent but was happy to meet some “new” bright, helpful and insightful jellies such of you. I mentioned to sccrowell several times that Marina (also a close fluther friend of hers) did not really go away, she just got a new avatar and is now called Jeruba (just in case you are not familiar with Marina, this is the highest compliment I could possibly bestow upon you). Furthermore, I also told Sherry that if she turned down my proposal, that Jeruba was my second choice. True story. Go ahead and ask her. On second thought, it would probably be best if you didn’t ask her. See you around…wtf”

You are two of the most remarkable women I have had the pleasure to meet, get to know and count as dear fluther friends. Thank you both so much.

@elijah…naughty gifts are not just welcomed they are encouraged and will not collect dust in our home. Truth be told, we have a similar swing and I have recently been toying with some ideas of how we might modify it to add some interesting little twists (I’m always tinkering with something around here). Thanks elijah!

@dverhey….what an adorable puppy. Considering the two dogs, two cats and the parrot that also call this house their home, I’m glad it is virtual, although it may prove to be impetus to Sherry proceeding to get “one more” puppy, as she has been threatening recently (there is nothing in the world like puppy kisses). By the way kid, in case you didn’t already know, when I mentioned in part 2 of our interview that there were a number of younger kids that have impressed me recently, I was specifically thinking of you as well as several others. Its still hard to believe you are only 14, but this bodes very well for a bright future for this world. Thanks kid.

@Tink1113,...Ah my other favorite 14 year old kid! You were also in my thoughts when I made that statement in the interview. I trust you have been getting your sleep lately and you are not still fluthering in the wee hours of the morning. Sherry and I are both iPhone equipped so if you have an iPod to give away, give it to someone special who you think will benefit from such a kind act. Considering that applesaucemanny is a friend of yours, I already know your are blessed with wonderful friends, and for a very good reason.

@cpevite…Our most able and thorough wedding reception planner….an excellent job, you did indeed. As I’ve noted on several threads, I have a weakness for whipped cream, be it on PANCAKES or women (now of course, exclusively Sherry). And it must be the real stuff in those aerosal cans, not that imitation Cool Whip crap. I trust you had and enjoyed one of those strawberry shortcakes in our honor. If you revisit that bakery, pick up a couple more for us. Until then, I’ll settle on the whipped cream on Sherry. Thank you.

@Bri_L,...Well I tried your link, but the error message indicates “forbidden”.But, with my healthy, and at times, perverted imagination, this has proven to be one of the greatest gifts of all time. Thank you. It is marvelous to see you have returned to fluther and are actively participating once again. I look forward to many more of your wonderful posts and celebrating your reaching of 10K lurve before too long. All your lurve is richly deserved.
PS: Reading on, I found your corrected link. Lovely photo and very kind words by you, as well. But, I trust you will not mind if I dwell on your other “forbidden” gift a bit longer.

@cak….You always know just the best thing to say and your words are always beautiful. I think you know how very special you are to me. I’ve cried more real tears on your virtual shoulders than on anyone elses. But you always give me renewed strength and restore a smile on my face. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to hug you….please ask that wonderful and lucky man of yours to give you a hug for me.
PS: I see another is approaching 10K. Many more fluther parties abound. PANCAKES for one and all. Jeruba….start blowing up lots of balloons.

@aprilsimnel….what a lovely photo and reminiscent of my cruise of the Mediterranean. Thank you very much for it and your kind comment on the interview blog.

@prude,...yes it was a lovely idea. Thank you for participating and may I welcome you to fluther. You will find some very remarkable, kind and thoughtful people here. Enjoy yourself…live, laugh, learn and lurve!

@Supermouse…Nebraska steaks and Dom Perignon,from my favorite transplanted SoCal girl…you know the way to my heart. I hope those Nebraskans realize just how lucky they are to have you there. If they don’t, get your butt back here where it belongs. Until then, I’ll think of you in the cornfields every time I place an order for a double-double.

@eponymoushipster… You can bottle that stuff? You are going to be one rich damn sexy monkey!. I see another 10K party coming in the next day or two. Everyone send lurve to my favorite monkey man.

@mangeons….And what an adorable kitten it is, indeed. And from another one of those wonderful kids, that I lurve. Thanks to all you kids for dropping by this question and leaving such amazing gifts.

@LexWordsmith….beautiful words…thank you. And welcome to fluther. I recall noting your username on a very insightful post of yours several days ago and look forward to many, many more.

@fireside…All truly magnificent. And there I thought you couldn’t possibly top the sex position 3D graphics you provided in a link on one of the other questions (now firmly entrenched as a bookmark on my browser). Thank you for all of them.

@johnpowell….Spectacular jp! Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to create that special graphic! How about a round of PBRs on me.

@RedPowerLady….Very nice, and with all that hair bears somewhat a resemblance to us. Thank you so much and eternal kisses back at you.

@Trustinglife,...Wow that blew me away. What an incredible song by a beautiful woman with the voice of an angel. Thank you for sharing that and for your kind words…all very special. I’ve marked the video as a favorite and now know what my next CD will be.

@Astrochuck…Marvelous AC! When I’m with Sherry, nothing else matters and we might as well be on a deserted island, or Mars, or the moon. And I really meant what I told you before…we would have loved to have been married by you AC and if you were just a bit closer to L.A., we would have taken you up on your offer. Thanks again and on to 20K lurve, you clever little brat, you.

@Blondesjon…A true team player in two regards: sharing wonderful stories along with your lovely wife, Jonsblond, and trading quips with that damn monkey, eh. But you’re easy to read. Whether you are poking fun at someone or something or sharing a feeling or opinion, you are always brutally honest and so very sincere. And those sincere words of yours are very special and have been taken to heart. Not that there is anything wrong with “your genitalia spilling from my lips” (I should know better than to place myself in the direct “line of fire” between you and that damn monkey , but I just can’t help myself sometimes…my, how awkward this must sound to anyone who missed that other thread and your misdirected post…Hey, monkey man, that one was meant for you…stick that in your bottle of mojo. buddy). Thank you, BJ.

@PnL….Thanks for making the interview experience a delight. And thanks for including my littlle texting error/Peedub story in tact (it does not suffer by having the delicious screenshot available only via link….it prevents the reader from looking ahead and catching the punch line too soon). Thanks PnL!
Note to self: Schedule another conversation, or some such activity, very soon, with Sherry (or Peedub if she is unavailable).

@janbb,...Yes cake, and monthly no less! I don’t believe I have yet thanked you for posting your “day before” question, so let me take this opportunity to thank you for that, as well as your sweet words and kind thoughts.

@tiffyandthewall….Beautiful cake and the bride and groom on top are wonderful. Thank you for joining in the festivities and for your gracious gift.

To all….thank you very much for everything the last few days. I apologize for not responding to the other threads, as I’ve tried to do here. But your virtual gifts were all remarkable and memorable. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Now I must rest this typing finger of mine…apologies for typos and grammar errors. See ya…Gary aka wtf

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@whatthefluther: Best Thank You “cards” EVER!

And if we didn’t live on opposite coasts, I so would have made the time to plan a real life wedding reception for you.

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Wow, I’m surprised that you took the time to answer everyone. That shows real dedication. I’m so happy for you two. (:

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Wow. Thank you. And what a long response. If that doesn’t show you care, I don’t know what will. Congratulations again.

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Thanks for the thanks, Gary!

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@whatthefluther . . .Thank you and good luck, my friend.

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The other link was just another photo of an elderly couple walking meant to illustrate my wish of a long life together. Sorry, nothing saucy! ;-)

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Thank you, @whatthefluther and sccrowell for showing us what real love looks like.

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Wow, a personal thank you! Unexpected and delightful. This experience keeps getting better and better… I hope just like your new discoveries of each other.

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