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Why are the people @ the AT&T store playing down the improvements of the iPhone 3Gs?

Asked by Fangorn81 (78points) June 19th, 2009 from iPhone
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I would imagine its because the AT&T network can’t utilise the 2 big ones, tethering and MMS.

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Cause its not that big of an update. They will wow me with video chatting. Not a compass.

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because its like the launch of the DSi… pointless if you already have a DS, but really cool to get the DSi if you don’t.

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Because AT&T is subsidizing the increased cost of the new phones, and it’s cheaper for them if you buy an older phone.

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From the beginning of the iPhone, ATT employees have seemingly been “anti-iPhone.” When I went to buy my first gen iPhone, the sales lady dissed it openly and complained about Apple the entire time. I was not impressed.

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The AT&T network can’t handle the increased traffic and it’s cheaper for them to try to reduce the number of iPhones sold than make the necessary investments in the infrastructure.

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