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Cancelling my Verizon DSL Service...

Asked by Loso (4points) June 19th, 2009

ok well heres the scoop,
i have verizon DSL service which i pay 30 something bucks for a month & the service is EXTREMELY crappy like the internet connection drops like every 3–5 minutes… i desire to have this service canceled without having to pay the 50 buck cancellation fee , i wasn’t told i was gonna experience this issue when i signed up & agreed to the one year binding contract… but anyways i called monday & told em the issue & how i wish not to have to pay the cancellation fee, they said the only way that it would be possible for me to avoid the cancellation fee is if one of there tech specialist came out & took a look @ my modem & setup & such & it is determined that the problem is unfixable , which during the phone call on monday they ran a test through the phone or something like that & acknowledged that there was a problem with the connection…. but they did setup an appointment for there tech guy to come out… i made this call on money & they made this appointment on Friday…. the 19th…
approaching the end of yet another billing cycle… the irony..
but anyways ,here i am Friday the 19th 4:55pm… been waiting ALL DAY… no phone call, no tech specialist… no nothing… am i in the right to be upset? & can i call them & DEMAND the service be canceled immediately ? & should i have to pay the cancellation fee?

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I have Verizon DSL, and I don’t experience that trouble. In the past, I actually did experience a similar problem. I called and they sent a technician out the next day. He fixed the problem and there hasn’t been an issue since. I would be patient.

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I think if you were home all day and the technician never showed, you’ve given them the chance they asked for to show up and diagnose the problem. You’re justified in cancelling outright, although they will try to make you pay the fee no matter what. You could probably get satisfaction by taking it up with the local public utilities commission.

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