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Does anyone still get confused because of time zones?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 20th, 2009 from iPhone

Why can’t they just put the time? Why?

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No, can’t say I do.

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Well, I get confused by Arizona! I work in a very large company with sites in numerous time zones, so I’ve pretty much got it down. They make great time zone maps you can use if you are trying to navigate time zones your aren’t used to working with on a regular basis. They help you figure out how many hours to add or subtract when you are setting up meetings with people in far away places.

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Yeah I want to know what time it is in other countries.
And why such difficult names?(I.e..pacific, mountain, etc.)

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Pacific… near the Pacific ocean. Mountain… chock full of mountains. Central… nothing much to speak of geographically, but in the middle of the North American continent. Eastern… on the east side of the North American continent. The names don’t seem that confusing to me.

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I do because I don’t get it.
So California is pacific right?
Like when I was setting up my new t.v. It said to enter my time zone and I didn’t know
what to choose and I didn’t get much help from the computer so I just left it

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Yes, California is Pacific time… if it helps you to remember that Japan and Hawaii are in the Pacific Ocean, and during World War two, we talked a lot about the war in the Pacific, hopefully you can remember that Japan is a lot closer to California than Florida.

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Ok thanks :)

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Or, you could just print this map out.

Edit: Here is one with just the US.

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@eambos – Holy crudd I don’t know how to read maps :)
Edit: The second one was way better thanks

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