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How can I get a copy of the file "butterfly.wav"?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 20th, 2009

It’s from Windows Vista Ultimate, 64 bit. Vista came installed in my computer so I don’t have disks. The file I have is corrupted.

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Is this what you’re looking for?

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No. Mine is a video and audio file. It’s a video closeup of a butterfly.

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Well, then…. :) what about this one?

I check on my laptop which runs Vista and the butterfly file is a wmv file not wav file.

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@lillycoyote, BRILLIANT!!! Good catch!!!! I would have NEVER noticed my error. It IS a wmv file!!! Thanks.

So now I deleted MY copy, downloaded the one you linked me to, and, THE JINGLE IS STILL THERE!

So I figure maybe it has to do with the Windows Media Player, so I delete the file again, download it again, and use the RealPlayer to play it. THE JINGLE IS STILL THERE! I can’t figure this out. I have no idea why this should be happening.

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