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How do I combine three documents, without screwing them all up?

Asked by casheroo (18111points) June 20th, 2009

Technically this is helping me with my homework, but I did all the work already and now I need help :(
I didn’t know it had to be all in one document, and I made three. Two Word documents, and one Publisher.
I keep trying to add a blank page, and cut and paste the Word documents together but it gets all screwy. And I rarely use Publisher, so I don’t even know where to begin with that.
How can I combine these three documents?
Is it wrong that I want to link the documents so someone can do this for me? :(

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Actually, linking to them would make things easier.

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That is the path on your computer. You can email them to me and I will put them on the Internet for you. They need to be hosted on a server somewhere for others to see them. I will send you my email address in a private comment.

And yeah. you should still be able to edit it.

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Ah, see I knew I’d be able to open it..not sure why I thought that’d work for you. Thank you so much.

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@eambos is my facade of being a twenty something ruined ;)

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Ive got publisher. Ill see if I can export them all as .pdf’s and then merge them.

Edit: Done. I just need an email address (pm me) or I could upload it somewhere.

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I’ve got them all combined as one pdf, if you want it.

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Sweet. I’ll PM you my email address. Thanks :)

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