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Is it really in insult when only a link is given, and the users can choose to look or not?

Asked by YARNLADY (45840points) June 20th, 2009

In the case where no insult in typed, but the link leads to an insult, is it really? P. S. I will not be looking at any links attached.

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@eponymoushipster exercising my Power of Ignore

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seems the answer has been found.

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So, would this be a legal way to get around the ‘no flaming’ rule?

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@YARNLADY not necessarily. i think it’d depend on the subtlety of the link, and also the mood and tone of the answer.

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Yes it is. Great question!

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@petethepothead Ignored, yet again Not everyone would have the Power of Ignore that I have.

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@YARNLADY I wish I had your strength. I can’t ignore, but I still lurve you!

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@jonsblond Believe me, at my age, none of that silly nonsense matters anymore. Even if I did look, which I don’t, I could still ignore it. My grandson is here today, and he threw up on me, and I laughed, because he’s just so cute. Why would I care if some monkey face user I don’t even know finds/creates a good insult online? Did you know some people make tons of money coming up with books on insults?

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@YARNLADY: Are you sure you don’t want to click? I made it just for you. It’s safe, I promise.

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@petethepothead lol on the second one.

@YARNLADY the way your responding, you’re assuming they’re all bad, and implying they’re all insulting. not cool

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@eponymoushipster POI (Power of Ignore) With a question like this, and considering the user, I see no need. I’m not exactly the cool kind anyway, as you probably noticed.

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@eponymoushipster You’re assuming YARNLADY’s assuming.

Never assume!

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Why can I not ignore the links?!?!

@YARNLADY You must teach me the ways. I’m too weak willed! I just want to know what’s behind door number 1, 2 & 3!

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@jonsblond You are correct. When the answer is plainly stated, there is a lot less question about what is might say, but a link, well, I did plainly state (no assuming necessary) that I would not look.

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If I’m super bored, I open mysterious links but mostly I don’t.

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I wouldn’t want to posses these ‘Powers of Ignore.’ This thread was way funnier without them. But YARNLADY, no assuming now, come on. He made you a picture….
We would never….we lurve you.

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