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Why is my laptop screen flickering?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) June 21st, 2009

I’ve got the latest model Macbook pro. The screen has started to flicker at times. It’s not all the time and it’s not the whole screen, just certain windows, sometimes just the “buttons,” dialogue boxes, or embedded videos. It’s often when I’m panning down in a browser window. It’s almost as though it’s taking a little while to fill in the screen so it flickers into place. Anyone ever seen this? Any idea what the problem is? The computer’s less than a year old.

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Here are a couple of forum discussions on the flickering problem. Maybe these will help you figure out what’s wrong. I could be a number of things.

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Did you purchase AppleCare? If not, you still have time. Very wise investment, especially if you’re seeing anomalies.

If you do have it, boot to the AppleCare disk you received and run the hardware tests. It will run diagnostics on your video system.

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If it is only certain Windows then it is unlikely to be be part of the power supply. It is more likely to be a faulty area of RAM. On the disc that came with your system there are a number of utilities for running tests, you might be advised to boot that up and see what it has to say. It will run very detailed test all systems and give your result that you can contact Apple with if necessary. In my experience problems like that have invariably been bad ram or poorly seated RAM.

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