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Do you want to be remembered long after your gone?

Asked by tyrantxseries (4722points) June 21st, 2009

When your gone your family will remember you, but when your children are dead and their children after them will your name will be lost or will it live on for thousands of years (and if so do you want it to)?

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I probably won’t be remembered, and I don’t really care. I don’t like attention now, so I don’t think that’ll change once I’m dead, either…

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no, my memory would cause nothing but heartache

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Yes—15 or 20 minutes.

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I’m sure I will. I mean, I have a family.

I guess I wouldn’t really mind being remembered. As long as it’s the good kind of remembering.

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Definitely. Not by society, I could care less about fame, but by my descendants. I can’t think of anything more important than raising children, and I hope when I do (first I gotta find one of those whaddyacallit’s…a wife) I’ll do a good enough job to be remembered, and fondly so.

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It has never been something that I attach much import to – once you’re gone – that’s it.

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If I want to go out in a blaze of glory and be remembered for a long time, you’ll read about it in the paper. Otherwise, nope, the best people NEVER make the history books.

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No. I just want those I encounter today to sense the love of God through the kindness I offer.

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Long after I’m gone? I want to be remembered FOREVER!

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Since I’ll be gone I won’t care about anything.

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250 years isn’t a long time but in that period, 99% of us will be forgotten entirely.

We need to focus on the now.

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If my memory causes a smile, then I hope they remember me long after I am gone.

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@mzgator beautiful answer

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I suspect someone might run across my name because I have published some scientific papers. However, I also suspect that whether there is an afterlife or not that I won’t care if I am remembered by folks who have never known me.

Now, if I am remembered by someone I loved and who loves me, that would be nice.

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I’d like to think my memory would live on. I knew my mom’s maternal grandma and she was awesome. But I’ve heard so many funny stories about my mom’s other grandparents that I would love to have known them. I guess it’s nice to think that someone would think about me like that sometime.

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@AstroChuck no one could ever forget you, how many vegetarian postal workers with an awesome sense of humor are there, anyway?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra- I don’t know. How many?

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