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Do you have a Myspace? If so do you use your bulletin to post surveys?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25305points) June 21st, 2009

Seeing as everyone on Fluther obviously enjoys answering questions I just wondered if anyone else here is like me and is addicted to the stupid surveys that people post in bulletins! I never make surveys just waste time answering them :) If you answered yes to either of the above questions will you post a link to your Myspace page?

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I used to , but I’ve since moved over mainly to facebook (I don’t think I’ve logged into my myspace for months), where there isn’t really the place for all those surveys. They were fun while they lasted though I guess. My favorites were the ones where you listed however many friends and then answered questions based on the numbers the people are on the list. Hiiiiiiiilarious.

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i do not have a myspace, but i’m willing to post saucy pictures of my scrumtrulescent bottom, if anyone has a request. i’ll even pucker my cheeks and flash some gang signs.

i use facebook.


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I don’t have a myspace and I never will

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I usually end up filling them out, realizing how useless they are, and never posting them. But still feeling like a failure and wasting my time… woo!

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I used to, like @TitsMcGhee I use Facebook a lot more often, and haven’t filled a survey out in a while.

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I’m with the majority here. I’m on FB only.

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Yes, No

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I will hand it to you all, Facebook is WAY beter than Myspace. In fact, the only reason I am still on Myspace is because of those dumbass surveys. Note to self: Must get a life.

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Many of us seem to be going to facebook.

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the only thing i really use myspace for is posting surveys. they’re stupid, but i think they’re kind of entertaining.

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